Flashback to the days of the SNES & Gameboy

This is Pixel Art of our current generation—in motion.


Cover Art

When an artist releases a new album, oftentimes the cover is our first glimpse into what story he/she is about to tell through their music. With animation, these covers take on a new life. We see the paranoia that YG faces in LA, or dark demeanor of Travis Scott as he battles his demons.



Portraits are a huge part of 8BitBrand, and for good reason. These portraits not only represent sound, but behaviors, mannerisms, impact on the overall culture. When an 8BitBrand portrait is created, we want it to represent a certain moment in time. It should tie in with how the fans recognize this person as an artist.


Other Projects

These animations are a representation of our experience with the social media age. Like taking a classic sneaker, the Airmax, and showing how many ways it can be flipped. Or what rapper's stockings may look like. Either way, these projects are a way to go beyond just the artist and explore what identities can look like in a simplified style.