Big Pun

Christopher "Big Punisher" Lee Rios was birthed in the year 1971 and hailed from the Bronx out of New York. Big Pun would have a very difficult childhood with having to live in a unstable home and having to deal with his mom abusing drugs. He would leave his mother's house at the age of 15 and would move back and forth between Miami and the Bronx with his childhood wife Liza working dead-end jobs. Eventually he would capitalize on a lawsuit in which he would sue the city of Manhattan for breaking his leg at a building playground in that area. Pun's lawyer would notify him at the age of 19 that he would be awarded about a half a million dollars for the settlement. Before Pun came into this large amount of money he would be very active and would stay in the gym to keep a very athletic body type. Unfortunately, once he received his money he would still keep his same diet and huge appetite but would stop working out as he grew very comfortable with his new found lifestyle of having money. Ultimately, his max weight would reach over 700 pounds before he passed away at the age of 28 on February 7th, 2000. 

Big Pun's career would start in 1989 when he linked up with, "Triple Seis" and "Cuban Link" to form the crew "Full A Clips Crew". While rapping with his new crew over the next 5 years he would be discovered by rapper ,"Fat Joe" in 1995. From there they would develop such a strong admiration for each other and Joe would start executive producing Pun's records and managing him as well. From there he would be featured on Fat Joe's song "Watch Out" with a sizzling verse that lead to Fat Joe signing him to Loud Records. Pun would become the first solo Latino artist to go platinum. His freshman album called "Capital Punishment"  housed one of the arguably hottest singles of the late 90's, "Still Not A Player", featuring the singer Joe

Big Pun would be catapulted to stardom in Hip-Hop as the first Puerto Rican rapper to always rep his heritage to the fullest in music with incredible delivery and unparalleled wordplay. He was without a doubt ahead of his time and will forever live on with the Hip-Hop gems he left behind for us.

R.I.P. Big Punisher AKA Big Pun

Peep some of his hit songs below along with a dope interview and rare freestyle he kicked with some of Hip-Hop's elite!

Music video by Big Punisher, Fat Joe performing I'm Not a Player. (C)1998 Loud Records LLC. Loud Records copyrights, this video is a fan made production, Not for commercial use.

Big Pun Feat Joe- Don't Want To Be A Player No More

Interview that suddenly completely dissapeared from the internetz this is the only time I know of that mobb deep and big pun are together on video Prodigy actually is filming too @ 6:35, I think that might be among the footage he lost when his car got taken by the police, he talks about it in his book This video takes place in the Iverson Mall in Temple Hills, MD in Prince Georges County, MD (a Washington D.C.

Classic Big Pun Freestyle with some of Hip-Hop's elite. Skip to 5:08 to hear Big Pun's verse.