21 Savage

When one of the most successful and prolific producers of trap music, "Metro Boomin" claims you to be one of the last, "real one's making real street music" then it must speak volumes for the authenticity of your story and how your music reflects it respectively. In this instance, Metro is referring to the rising 21 year old artist hailing from Decatur, Georgia who was born, "Shayaa Joesph" and is better to known to the streets as, "21 Savage".

Savage has never been shy of his past and repeats in multiple interviews, that it consists of real grimy and gritty experiences that are reflected in his rhymes. This includes being shot six times, sex, drug use, losing his best friend and even being expelled from all the schools in his area at a young age for bringing a gun to school. Before Savage ever decided to pursue a career in music a year ago, 21 Savage has stated that he was always in the streets hustling with his gang (21, which is referenced in his stage name) and had a name for himself doing so.  

After his best friend was shot and killed in 2013, 21 Savage was on a mission with the rest of his crew to bring a voice to Hip-Hop to illuminate the gritty side of Atlanta, Georgia. The first song that would gain 21 Savage national attention would be the DJ Plugg produced track, "Picky" released on November 12th, 2014 and would also appear later on his debut mixtape, "The Slaughter Tape (2015)"On June 19th, 2015 another huge music video would drop on Youtube for 21 Savage, his smash hit, "Skrtt Skrtt". Just a month later, 21 Savage would release a tape in tribute of freeing Gucci Mane (before his release in 2016) called, "Free Guwop". By the end of 2015, 21 Savage would release another tape in, "Slaughter King". The internet and music world are still awaiting a tape from the Atlanta based SuperProducer Metro Boomin and 21 Savage himself as it has been announced via Twitter and other social media platforms that this project was supposed to be released last summer.

Most recently, 21 Savage was announced by XXL Magazine as one of their 2016 XXL Freshmen of the year for being a rising star in the music industry! Be sure to check out some of his music below!

21 Savage - "Skrrt Skrrt" 

21 Savage - One Foot

I respect motherfucking character. Actions. Backgrounds. What type of nigga you is. If you on some ‘I ain’t no gangsta, I’m just a cool ass nigga,’ I respect you. Versus you ain’t no gangsta and you act like you is, to try to get cool with me. Niggas be thinking, ‘Oh I gotta act like I’m a killer when I’m around him.’ Like hell nah, cause you acting. I respect real shit. That shit get on my nerves, especially when they be doing it to impress me. Don’t do that. Cause I got niggas dead ‘bout that. So that’s like you disrespecting them. Cause you acting like you one of us, and I got niggas that died for this shit.
— Direct Quote from 21 Savage from Fader Interview

21 Savage - Red Rag, Blue Rag