Since the notable and acclaimed multimedia hub, "Pigeons and Planes" joined under the umbrella of Complex in 2010, they have experienced huge amounts of success hosting their musical showcases known as , "No Ceilings" The events have utilized their platform to translate the experience of discovering new and talented artists online to a real life experience in cities such as London, New York and Austin. Pigeons and Planes debuted the big-time grime MC, "Skepta"  back in 2014 and from there on the brand had not showcased a more translatable and tangible rising star until the breakout performance from Atlanta's very own, "6LACK" (pronounced "Black") that recently killed his No Ceilings showcase in New York. 

The Atlanta-based artist who was born, "Ricardo Valentine",  released his debut album, "Free 6LACK" in November of last year and has since served as Valentine's personal musical diary of the culmination of the events and experiences in his life over the five years prior to releasing the album. 6LACK details his most personal feelings and experiences unapologetically within the project that include his past personal and professional relationships, conflicts with his prior record label situation and the realities of entering the realm of fatherhood. Since the age of four, 6LACK started his musical career as a battle rapper and would continue doing so until 2009 when he realized he needed to make a calculated change in his musical journey to become a singer.

In 2011, 6LACK signed a record deal with an independent record label that would end up not being 6LACK's ideal situation as the deal did not allow him to have the creative freedom to control his musical and personal progression going forward. Upon escaping that shady situation, 6LACK was able to compose his standout debut album, "FREE 6LACK" that showcased 6LACK's greatest attribute in his genuine honesty that has 6LACK shedding light on various incredibly personal experiences that would in return be received as very relatable and tangible content to his core fans. This is clearly evident with his breakout viral single, "PRBLMS" that has amassed over 20 million views and streams via the multimedia platforms Youtube and Soundcloud collectively. Although 6LACK is known for his pro-love themed music such as, "Gettin' Old", 6LACK is seen on the album as very unapologetic for his feelings as well on the songs, "Ex Calling" and "Rules"

Most recently, 6LACK has continued to add to his impressive musical discography by landing a collaboration with the highly talented star, "Jhene Aiko" on the song, "First Fuck".

We encourage you to peep and purchase 6LACK's new project, "FREE 6LACK" along with some of his best music below as well! 


6LACK - Ex Calling

I always feel like Atlanta is the center of everything.
— Direct Quote from 6LACK from Fader Interview

6LACK - Luving U

6LACK - Loyal

6LACK & Jhené Aiko - First Fuck