The Hip-Hop powerhouse known as, "Top Dawg Entertainment" recently released Schoolboy Q's newest Billboard Chart topping project, "Blank Face" that features top-notch production with songs such as the jazzy sounding track, "Kno Ya Wrong".  Arguably one of the hardest working and most talented producers for almost the past two decades who also cultivated the Blank Face song is the thirty-eight year old Beverly Hills, California DJ, rapper and producer, "Alchemist".

Alchemist has produced many classic Hip-Hop beats that include his production for, "Dilated Peoples" on their staple album, "Expansion Team" with the songs, "Live On Stage", "Worst Comes To Worst" and "Panic". "Daniel Alan Maman" began his music career in 1991 when he joined the Hip-Hop group, "The Whooliganz" and would gain his introduction to the music game as an MC under his previous moniker, "Mudfoot". Their underwhelming success as a Hip-Hop duo would prove to be a blessing in disguise for Mudfoot as it allowed him to find his true spot in Hip-Hop by learning the art of Hip-Hop production from Cypress Hills' in-house producer, "DJ Muggs".

This mentorship would allow him to link up with his childhood friend and MC, "Evidence" of Dilated Peoples to produce the song, "Third Degree". Alchemist's legendary production work he did with Dilated Peoples and, "Mobb Deep" combined with his extensive production discography has permanently cemented Alchemist as one of the elite and leading producers in the arena of producers within modern Hip-Hop.

More recently Alchemist has continued to cultivate his signature unique boom bap sound for multiple artists that include, "The Game", "Joey Bada$$""Earl Sweatshirt" and "Mac Miller". Currently he is affiliated with Eminem and Shady Records as one of their performing DJ's and we encourage you to check out his very impressive discography here along with a few of his best production below! 

Dilated Peoples - Live On Stage

Schoolboy Q - Break The Bank

Lil Wayne - You Aint Got Nothing

Nas - Book of Rhymes

Raekwon - Surgical Gloves