Asher Roth

Asher Paul Roth is the Morrisville, Pennsylvania MC born on August 11th, 1985. He is best known for his smash hit, "I Love College" that he released in 2009 while attending West Chester University. While attending college, Asher would release, "I Love College" via Myspace and from there it would become an overnight internet sensation. The song created enough buzz that allowed Asher to connect with Scooter Braun who at the time was a rising talent manager in Atlanta (Scooter would go on to manage some of music's most successful artists such as Justin Bieber). In 2008, Asher would move to Atlanta to pursue his rap dreams and consequently he would then become sought after by many major record labels. Ultimately, Asher would sign with Steve Rifkind's Universal Records shortly after arriving in Atlanta. In June of the same year, Asher would link up with his Philadelphia natives, "Don Cannon" & "DJ Drama" to host his first professional mixtape, "The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 1"  that holstered striking displays of his impressive yet relaxed flow. The mixtape would receive enough acclaim for Asher to land a spot on XXL's Freshmen List for 2009 that included but is not limited to, "Kid Cudi", "Wale" & "Curren$y".

After releasing the two lead singles for his album, "I Love College" & "Lark On My Go-Kart" he would generate enough healthy buzz to finally release his debut album, "Asleep In The Bread Aisle". The album was produced mostly by Don Cannon and was released on April 20th, 2009 in honor of the infamous cannabis holiday 420Asher's biggest influences and inspirations to rap in his early years are notably some of the best MC's to ever live: Jay-ZEminem & Notorious BIG. Interestingly enough Asher's debut album features a song that has Asher addressing the comparisons between himself and Eminem in the album's standout introspective song, "As I Em". In this song, Asher is simply paying homage to the great Eminem and admitting Eminem paved the way for him but at the same time asserting that he wants to be his own artist separate from the comparisons. To date, his debut album has sold over 200,000 units and was thought of by critics to be a solid debut but most still felt Asher still had not truly introduced himself to the rap world.

A slew of mixtapes and compilation projects would be released by Asher Roth over the next 5 years until he released his second sophomore album, "RetroHash" under Pale Fire and Federal Prism Records. This project is truly Asher's best work to date. It showcases a more musically and personally matured Asher Roth that seems to be genuinely free and happy to make the music he wants to share with his audience and the world respectively. It bolsters a psychedelic and funky production vibe from the duo, Blended Babies, that is akin to his new residence in LA with the single about his girlfriend, "Tangerine Girl". The song, "Fast Life"  features visuals of him walking the streets of LA sharing a message with strangers that say, "We Are Very Lucky". This ultimately shows Asher's amazingly wise and compassionate side of himself that is basically so happy to be alive and wants everyone else to feel the same while putting a smile on their face. The album was received very well by Hip-Hop critics and is seen as huge musical progression from Asher's first hit single that catapulted him into the game. This project finally allowed Asher to distance himself from him being known as the, "I Love College" rapper and to truly take the next step into introducing himself to the music industry.

Most recently Asher has released a collaborative project with Nottz & Travis Barker with the EP, "Rawther" that has Asher displaying his ridiculous flow on the EP's title trackWe encourage you to check out Asher's music below and be sure to purchase his album ,"RetroHash" to educate yourself on his newest music!


Asher Roth - I Love College

Asher Roth - Be Right

Asher Roth - G.R.I.N.D.

Asher Roth, Nottz, Travis Barker - Rawther

Asher Roth - Tangerine Girl