Brother Ali

Rhymesayers Entertainment is the the legendary Hip-Hop independent label that was established by the Minnesota native MC, "Slug"  in 1995 and houses many artists which also include the Wisconsin native poetic MC, "Brother Ali". Brother Ali was born, "Jason Newman" on July 30th, 1977 with the disorder, "Albinism" which causes a complete or partial absence of pigment in his skin color. Growing up Ali skipped class in High School and chose to run the streets of North Minneapolis and fell in love with Hip-Hop for its beautiful artistry and energy that was illuminated by artists such as the legendary, "Rakim". As Ali became older he would self-educate himself about Black History and would soon be influenced to convert to the Muslim religion at the age of 15 due to, "Imam W. Deen Mohammed" who moved the Nation of Islam away from Black Nationalism and toward a more global, conventional Muslim identity.  Brother Ali has always felt that in order to be the best he had to be honest and genuine with his music to fully demonstrate the range of artistry.  Ali would release his first project in 2000 named, "Rites of Passage" which was released on a cassette tape showcasing his abilities to be an incredibly truthful storyteller and wordsmith as he takes his audience through his personal experiences of life and hip hop respectively. This project would help build his underground buzz and a huge following by fans who were attached to how tangible his activist and personal experiences are in his music. It would be three years until he released another album in, "Shadows of Sun" and would receive unanimous critical acclaim for his signature style and Ant's signature production with songs such as, "Blah Blah Blah" and "Missing Teeth". Ali's third project, "The Undisputed Truth" would release in 2007 and would be entirely produced by Ant and is bolstered by the singles, "Truth Is" and "Uncle Sam Goddamn". Brother Ali would go on to release two more albums that although did not do extremely well commercially, they still were able to make a profound impact on the underground level due to the genuine and sharp nature of his rhymes. 

Brother Ali still to this day is working on his first literary offering, more music and staying politically active in his music! Be sure to check out some of his best music below and be on the lookout for a Slug & Brother Ali collaboration album possibly in the future! 

Brother Ali - Shine On

Brother Ali - Forest Whitiker

Believe that there is meaning behind all of this, and then do your best to be upright and real.
— Brother Ali

Brother Ali - You Say (Puppy Love)

Brother Ali - Tight Rope