Bun B

Southern Rap has always been refreshingly different and unique in their approach to bringing their own flavor and swag to their music. It seems as though there is a certain type of chilling calmness coming from the Southern rap sounds hailing from the legendary Hip-Hop group known as the Underground Kingz (UGK). Half of this prolific Hip-Hop duo is the Port Arthur bred MC, "Bernard Freeman" who is better known as "Bun B"; revered as one of the most talented lyricists in Hip-Hop to ever grace the microphone.

Through the guidance and tutelage of West Coast Veterans such as "Too Short", Bun B and his partner, "Pimp C" would from the rap duo, "Underground Kingz" in the late 1980's and would release one of their very first EP's, "Southern Way" (1992).  Over the next 4 years, UGK would release three critically acclaimed albums in, "Too Hard to Swallow (1992)", "Super Tight (1994) " and "Ridin Dirty (1996)". One of Bun B's best verses that showcased his lyrical prowess and ability is the song, "Murder" from UGK's third album, "Ridin Dirty" and it also influenced other great Southern Hip-Hop artists like ,"T.I." to know they can still be themselves and be incredibly lyrical as well.

After Pimp C went to prison in 2002 Bun B would continue to keep making music in the studio by releasing the mixtape, "Legends" (2005). In 2005, Bun B also debuted his solo album, "Trill" with the singles, "Draped Up", "Git It" & "Get Throwed". After the tragic death of his partner Pimp C in 2007, Bun B would release three more critically acclaimed albums in, "II Trill", "Trill OG" & "Trill OG: The Epilogue". Growing up Bun-B was always a good student in school and although he would go on to take the Underground Kingz to iconic status in Hip-Hop lore, he always felt that something was missing from his life. Fortunately enough for Bun, he would be graced with the opportunity to become a professor at Rice University teaching Religious Studies during the Spring 2011 semester proving not only his lyrical prowess but also his educational abilities.

Bun B along with Pimp C cemented himself forever in Hip-Hop history as an elite lyricist from the South with his own flavor! We encourage you to check out his music below! 

Bun B - Get Throwed

Bun B - Pushin

UGK - Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)