Cam'Ron's iconic pink headband in which he wore to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week back in 2002.

The leader and creator of the iconic Hip-Hop group, "The Diplomats" born, "Cameron Giles" but is better known as, "Cam'ron" to the rest of the Hip-Hop community. After Cam's dreams of becoming a professional athlete fell through, the Harlem native MC began his journey to becoming a platinum selling respected Hip-Hop artist during the mid 1990's with the late great Harlem MC known as, "Big L" in a group known as the, "Children of the Corn". Due to the death of one of their group-members, "Bloodshed" the group would disband and they all would pursue their own solo careers.

Cam's friend and MC known as, "Mase" would introduce Cam to the Brooklyn legendary MC, "Notorious BIG" and from there this relationship would land Cam his first record deal with Untertainment Records. The support from the label would finally give Cam'ron the appropriate platform and buzz to release his 1998 debut album, "Confessions of Fire" which housed the singles, "357" and "Horse & Carriage" which would allow the album to sell over 500,000 copies and become a certified gold selling debut album.

For Cam's follow up 2000 sophomore album effort, "Sports, Drugs & Entertainment", it would be backed by Sony/Epic Records and would birth the successful singles known as, "Let Me Know" and "What The World Means To You". A more developed and well-rounded artist in Cam'ron paired with features from, "Destiny's Child", "Julez Santana", "Jim Jones""N.O.R.E." and production from "Digga" would catapult the album to number 14 on the Billboard Top 200 R&B/Hip-Hop albums chart.

Once Cam'ron allowed his childhood friend, "Damon Dash" to manage his career then he would sign to Roc-A-Fella Records in 2001 alongside the MC's Jay-Z"Beanie Sigel", "Freeway" and "Memphis Bleek". Cam's most successful album would come with the Roc-A-Fella logo stamped on the back of his third studio album. "Come With Me" released in January 2002 that bolstered the most successful singles in Cam's career that included, "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma". The album would reach Platinum status by selling over a million copies and would be the perfect foundation for Cam's Hip-Hop group, "The Diplomats" to officially sign to Roc-A-Fella Records. By 2003, The Diplomats would release their double-disc debut album, "Diplomatic Immunity" which housed their self-titled anthem and single, "The Dipset Anthem" along with stellar production from, "Kanye West", "Just Blaze" and "The Heatmakerz"

Since the release of his third studio album in 2002, Cam'ron has released nine mixtapes and five studio albums that include, "Purple Haze", "Killa Season", "Crime Pays", "Heat In Here Volume 1" and "Gunz n Butta". Most recently, Cam'ron has announced he will release another studio album, "Killa Pink" later this year!

Be sure to check out Cam's legendary BET Freestyle here and some of his best work below!

Cam'Ron - Oh Boy

Cam'Ron - Hey Ma

Cam'Ron - Killa Kam

The Diplomats - Dipset Anthem Featuring Cam'ron

Cam'Ron and Kanye West - Down & Out

A great Cam'Ron guest verse!