CL Smooth


Corey Brent Penn who is better known as  "CL Smooth", the vocal half of the legendary hip-hop duo "Pete Rock & CL Smooth" was born on October 8th, 1968. Growing up around Jazz music in his household from an early age would only foreshadow the imminent partnership with grade school friend (and future producer) Pete Rock. With the soulful and crisp beats of Pete Rock combined with his smooth yet unique voice, effortless flow, and philosophical lyrics they were able to coin timeless classic tracks such as, "They Reminisce Over You", "I'll Take You There" and "Straighten Out." Under their first record label Elektra, they released three albums that would forever place them among hip-hops greatest groups such as A Tribe Called Quest and Gang Starr. Their projects,  "All Souled Out" (1991), "Mecca and the Soul Brother" (1992), and "The Main Ingredient" (1994) would be the only full-length projects they would release together to the date as they would go their separate ways in 1995 due to a fallout. 

A little over 20 years later, CL Smooth & Pete Rock recently confirmed in an interview that a new album is being worked on by the legendary duo and would be released any day now. Be on the lookout for this!

Peep CL Smooth's staple Hip-Hop classics he made with Pete Rock and even a collaboration he did with the late great Nujabes! 

Classic Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "They Reminisce Over You) Music Video

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- "I'll Take You There" Music Video

He had a voice like no other that really stood out to me. When you find someone like that then you definitely have to do something with it. That’s what complimented us as a group. My music that was never done like how i did it combined with his rap style that had never been done like that before. That’s what made us something special.
— Direct Quote from legendary producer Pete Rock on his group mate CL Smooth interview

Pete Rock & CL Smooth "The Creator" Music Video

NUJABES! Rest in Peace With CL Smooth