Over the past two years J.Cole has been assembling a Hip-Hop powerhouse within his Dreamville collective and would continue doing so by adding the South Central bred MC, "Cody Osagie" who is better known by his stage name, "Cozz". Cozz was born on October 3rd, 1993 in Inglewood, California but would move to South Central Los Angeles when he was just six years old. Cozz's biggest musical influences are amongst some of the greatest MC's to ever do it which include, "Eminem", "Notorious BIG" ,"Tupac""Kanye West" & "Cassidy". Although Cozz has always had a love for music, he would start rapping at the age of 16 when his homie, "Chris Martin" introduced him to it and that would ultimately fuel his competitive spirit for the next couple of years. Once Cozz turned 18 years of age he would seriously dedicate himself to his music as he noticed his skills were at a level where he realized he had the potential to soon grow into an elite MC.

As Cozz continued to record music he would meet one of his managers, Anthony (who is best known as, "Tone" to Cozz) and from there he would develop a strong friendship and connection with his primary producer, "Meez". In this HotNewHipHop interview, Cozz details how he and Meez would record in Meez's house everyday for a couple of months and this would spawn most of the songs that would be released on his debut project, "Cozz & Effect". Cozz would record a video for the song off this project known as, "Dreams" that his other manager, "Matt" would eventually bring to J.Cole due to his connections with the Dreamville camp. Although the, "Dreams" video would bring Cozz attention from many labels and important figures, he would ultimately meet up with Cole and decided Dreamville best suited what him and his team, "The Committee" were looking for. His debut project that was a primarily Meez produced project, "Cozz & Effect" would release on October 3rd, 2014. In this same HotNewHipHop interview, Cozz illuminates how his debut project are songs he recorded from ages sixteen to nineteen in which he is introspectively reflecting on his hometown surroundings that inspired him to become successful. This album bolstered the standout track, "Cody Macc" that Cozz actually recorded far before he ever met Cole and would allow to generate a healthy buzz in his hometown. Other tracks that solidified that Cozz can run with the best are, "Murda", "Come Get It" & "Knock Tha Hustle Remix" featuring the CEO of DreamvilleJ.Cole. The album would be received very well across all the platforms and would earn him a spot on J.Cole's "Dollar & A Dream Tour" and "2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour"

Since his the release of his debut project, Cozz has been in overdrive and killing tracks such as the LA Leakers exclusive song, "Westside Poppin" and releasing his second project called, "Nothing Personal". This sensational project shows an even more developed artist in Cozz that bolsters the standout tracks, "Who Said" & "My Side". He even teams up with label-mate, "Bas" in the hit track, "Tabs". Cozz is set to perform with the rest of his Dreamville family at the Chicago musical festival Lollapalooza this summer! 

We encourage you to check out his latest songs that are produced by his in-house producer Meez with the tracks, "Let Em Know" & "Halftime Show"!

Cozz - Dreams

Cozz - Come Get It

Cozz & J.Cole  - Knock Tha Hustle Remix

Cozz & Bas - Tabs