Danny Brown

One of rap's most unique figures is the Detroit MC Daniel Dewan Sewell, better known as "Danny Brown". He was born on March 16th, 1981, and as he detailed in an interview with Complex, he saw drugs play a big part of his childhood from a very young age. On the song "Torture", Danny illustrates a story of when he first saw his uncle smoking (crack) rocks off the stove when he was 7 years old. His dad sold drugs to keep the roof over his family's head and this along with his passion for rapping would mold his future musical landscape. Danny also details in this Complex interview how the famous book, "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss inspired him to start rapping. Danny first started selling drugs at 18 and was fairly successful until he caught his first case at the age of 19. After running for four years, he was finally caught and sentenced to 8 months in prison. His prison experience forced him to write all the time and truly focus his mind on making his rap dreams a reality.

Twelve hour bus rides from Detroit to New York would be Danny's grind after being released from prison in hopes of making the right connections to jumpstart his rapping career. While recording in at a studio in Queens, NY, he met "Doughboy" from G-Unit who eventually linked him up with the rapper "Tony Yayo". Yayo was impressed with Danny's work and as a result, he pushed it to one of the biggest rappers out of Queens, "50 Cent". Although 50 Cent was feeling Danny's music, he was not feeling Danny's look and this would deter 50 Cent from ultimately signing Danny to G-Unit. One of Danny's biggest weapons in his musical arsenal his ability to switch up the pitch of his voice while rapping and he is best known for his pitched yet smooth flow on his often up-tempo beats. Danny details again in this Complex interview how this high-pitched voice came from the first time he took adderall while recording in Detroit, in the rapper/producer "Black Milk's" studio. After recording and releasing four volumes of his "Detroit State of Mind" mixtapes, he would finally debut this high pitched alter-ego on his debut album, "The Hybrid" with the album-titled single, "The Hybrid" (2010). After receiving critical acclaim for Danny's production choice, his unique rapping style, and the help of his manager knowing one of the labels founders, "A-Trak", he was able to land himself a record deal with Fools Gold Records

It would not be long until Danny would start penning the songs that would eventually appear on his sophomore effort, "XXX" under Fools Gold Records (2011). Danny's lyrical prowess combined with his ability to both show his willingness to produce hardcore-rap along with still having the freedom to explore other musical landscapes with his rhymes is what had many critics raving about this album. The album features the up-tempo hits, "Blunts After Blunts" & "Monopoly". Just two years later he would release his second studio album, "Old". It is a portrait of a rapper just trying to continue to express himself so that he doesn't have to go back to being his 20 year old self that was nearly hopeless. It features introspective track that lend another side to Danny including, "25 Bucks" & "Clean-Up"

Without a doubt some of Danny's best verses were his guest appearances where he would lyrically explode and make other artists' songs his own. This includes but is no limited to, Ab-Soul's - "Terrorists Threats", E-40's "All My Niggas" & The Alchemist's "Flight Confirmation". Danny even showed off his unparalleled ability to switch up the pitch of his voice while rapping on point in this freestyle on Sway In The Morning! We encourage you to check out this link that details twenty of Danny's best guest verses and some of his music below! 

Danny Brown - 25 Bucks

Danny Brown- Clean Up

The first time I came across Danny’s music was at the end of 2010. Nick [Catchdubs] and I were exchanging new music and he showed me the video for ‘Greatest Rapper Ever’”. The Hybrid album was already out and Danny was starting to get write-ups on Pop & Hiss and The Fader blog. I remember watching an interview with him – he still had cornrows – and he was talking about not wanting to make songs for the radio, not wanting to sign to a major…he seemed really grounded. I really dug his personality and his taste in beats.
— A-Trak on Danny Brown

Ab Soul & Jhene Aiko & Danny Brown "Terrorists Threats" 

Darq E Freaker feat. Danny Brown - Blueberry

I want to be that 50 year old that raps better than that 20 year old
— Direct quote from Danny Brown during Complex Interview

Danny Brown - Dope Song