Dave East

Authenticity and the ability to illustrate your own genuine story in a refreshing fashion is everything to establishing your own legacy within Hip Hop culture. The Harlem bred MC, "Dave East" who originates as "David Brewster" is an upcoming artist who has garnered attention from Hip-Hop legends such as Queensbridge MC, "Nas". Becoming a full-fledged musician was not always the dream for the Harlem native as he once wanted to be a professional basketball player. This dream would not ultimately come true as he would be unfortunately kicked out of both schools he played basketball on (University of Richmond and Towson University) for his poor behavior. Shortly after giving up his hoop dreams, Dave would have to do a short bid in prison for 6 months before finally realizing that his true talents lied in expressing himself through music.

In 2010, Dave East would release his first mixtape called, "Change of Plans"  which refers to his decision to change his ambitions from being an athlete to becoming a full-fledged MC. Although his first tape did not gain Dave East much critical recognition, it still showcased his ability to tell stories that everyday people could relate to through his skillful and slick wordplay. As Dave continued to lay his groundwork by performing in countless showcases in New York City he would build a relationship with Nas' brother "Jungle" who eventually let Dave East know that Nas was a big fan of his music. Over the next 4 years Dave would release 5 projects in, "American Greed", "Insomnia", "Don't Sleep", "No Regrets" and "Gemini". It would be the Gemini project that would garner plenty of recognition and radio play in the New York region so much so that Nas decided to sign the Harlem based MC to his Mass Appeal record label.  Under the platform of Mass Appeal, Dave would release his best project to date in, "Black Rose (2014)" which displayed his growth as an artist with his aggressively raw lyricism paired with pristine nostalgic New York musical landscapes that coincided perfectly with his dark storytelling. 

Most recently the XXL 2016 Freshman released his newest project in, "Tales From The East"!

We encourage you to check out some of the music from Harlem's finest Dave East below! 

Dave East - Broke

Dave East - Waste My Time

Dave East - Gangstas

Dave East - Red Bottoms