Denzel Curry

The gritty city of Carol City, Florida  is home to some Hip Hop heavyweights such as,  "Rick Ross" and "Gunplay" but is also the birthplace of the 21 year old talented MC, "Denzel Curry" who is also nicknamed the "Aquarius Killa" due to his birth date and passion for music. Curry's uniquely complex razor sharp flow on the microphone gives the illusion that he is an artist who grew up with a rich musical background when in fact he did not get introduced to the art of rapping until he was twelve years old. Denzel's influences came from the rugged music his older brothers would play around the house and along with his own taste in music which included the legendary MC's, "Big L", "Big Pun", "MF Doom" and even Florida's own "Trick Daddy".

Denzel grew up heavily into visual arts such as drawing and would continue to make his own visuals as his rapping career progressed, leading to his first mixtape that was locally released before the start of the 9th grade. Once Curry hit the 10th grade, his whole life would change as he would experience turmoils of his own at a young age that included getting kicked out of one school and his parents splitting up. Upon hearing the album, "Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6 (2011)" from the Miami native MC, "SpaceGhostPurp" he would end up joining the, "RVIDXR KLVN" due to a connection from a mutual friend. Under his new collective, Denzel would release the project, "King Remembered (2011)" which would generate enough healthy buzz for him to release his followup project, "King of the Mischievous South, Vol. 1"  and would have SpaceGhostPurp clamoring for more from the rising star in Denzel Curry.

Curry's stock would begin to exponentially rise when he released the mixtape, "Strictly For My R.V.I.D.X.R.Z."  which would generate even more underground buzz for the rising MC in his area as his collective was also bubbling at that time due to the success of SpaceGhostPurp. Before the dissolving of the collective due to internal conflicts, Denzel would use this platform to the fullest, rising to another level as an artist once he released the song, "Threatz" from his debut album, "Nostalgic 64" in 2013 which was claimed as one of the best albums to be released that year.

After the success of this album, Denzel would lose one of his brothers and closest friends to senseless violence in his area and would take a hiatus from music to reinvent his sound and would return two years later to release the project, "32 Zel / Planet Shrooms". In this Complex interview, Denzel reveals that sometimes it takes a tragic incident in an artist's life to force them to step back and take their own respective artistry to another level upon their return (akin to MF Doom after he lost his brother early on in his career). This theory would be true for Curry as well once he dropped the song, "Ultimate" randomly late one night on Soundcloud and it would end up blowing up the internet by reaching almost one million plays. 

Most recently for Denzel Curry is being put on XXL's cover for one of the Freshman for 2016 and releasing his free album, "Imperial"! 

Denzel Curry - Ultimate

Denzel Curry - Threatz

Denzel Curry - Strictly 4 My RVIDXRZ

Denzel Curry - ULT