New York City is the birthplace of Rap music and the prodigiously complex culture of Hip-Hop itself which has birthed many hometown legends in the industry that include the MCs, "Jay-Z""Notorious B.I.G." and "Ja Rule". Just a couple of months ago the Bed-Stuy Brooklyn bred artist, "Sidney Royel Selby III" who is known as, "Desiigner" to the rest of his followers, was recently been dubbed just the the seventh MC from NYC since the year 2000 to hit the top spot on the Billboard charts.  

Since his upbringing as a child, Desiigner has always been around good music as his Grandfather used to play with legendary music acts such as, "The Isley Brothers" and growing up his Father would introduce him to his selection of Funk music. In this interview with, Desiigner reveals he was a ladies man and a performer as a child and even used to perform songs by, "The Temptations" that included their hit songs, "My Girl" and "Don't Walk Away" in Subway stations.

Selby would begin to start practicing his craft of rhyming at the age of fourteen after a life-changing incident in which he was shot in the hip while being mischievous on the streets of Brooklyn. Desiigner illuminates during this interview that this horrific incident was a wake up call for him that screamed to the MC, "You need to mind your business. You don't need to be doing this." Since that day Desiigner has always known he didn't want to live his life working a mundane job and instead wanted to sell his talents as an artist. Thus, he began to perfect his unique vocal tone to write verses and hooks for many local talented artists in New York City.

Before Desiigner released his debut single, "Panda" in December of 2015, his other notable features as a new artist came with the songs, "Danny Devito" & "On The Low" (which he references in the song Panda). Even before that song, Desiigner was known in his local region for the song, "Zombie Walk" which he promoted himself and also shot a video for.

The last couple of weeks of the year would be dominated by Desiigner's debut single, "Panda" which he coincidently was thinking of gifting to another artist but was advised emphatically not to do so by his manager, "Zana Ray" as she felt it would be a major hit. Fortunately enough for Desiigner, the song would garner almost 1 million plays in a span of just two weeks and would attract the attention of over 11 Record Labels who were heavily recruiting the Brooklyn artist. The song would be so impactful that it would lead him to flying out to the Los Angeles International Airport to meet up with the Hip Hop legend, "Kanye West" right before his flight to Paris. While in his limo, Kanye would play Desiigner, "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2"  that included Desiigner's vocals from Panda that would end up being fused with Kanye's vocals for his album, "The Life of Pablo". During Kanye's Live event in Madison Square Garden where he streamed his new album The Life of Pablo, Desiigner would be announced live as the newest signee to the G.O.O.D. Music Record Label family on February 11th, 2016.  

Since that day, Desiigner's musical career has taken off as he recently performed at the illustrious South By Southwest Musical festival and was soon after chosen to grace the cover of XXL Magazine as a pick for the XXL Freshmen Class of 2016 along with, "Lil Dicky", "Denzel Curry", "Anderson .Paak" and several others we'll be covering in the next few posts. Desiigner has recently confirmed that he has both a mixtape, "Trap History Month" and an album named, "The Life of Desiigner" dropping this year!

Check out some of Desiigner's music below and be on the lookout for what the young High School graduate has in store.

Desiigner - "Panda" 

Desiigner - Zombie Walk

Desiigner Freestyle (Acapella) on Tim Westwood TV