Dizzy Wright

La'Reonte Wright is Sin-City's own home-bred MC that has been hard at work on the microphone since he was only 8 years of age with over a decade of experience of being an MC. Wright is better known as, "Dizzy Wright" to most and was born in Flint, Michigan but was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada due to his mother being the road manager for the legendary rap group, "Bone Thugs N Harmony". In this interview with Snoop Dogg, Dizzy also reveals that before he fully became passionate about becoming a rapper his mom would write his raps at a young age. Unfortunately, Dizzy felt like as he got older his mother could no longer accurately portray his own artistic vision and so he had to separate himself by fully taking creative responsibility of his own musical output. Throughout his high school years, Dizzy was jumping back and forth from Georgie and California where he would continue to play basketball and make music as well. Unfortunately, he had to attend night school on a crazy schedule just to graduate high school and would end up choosing to do music full time instead of going to college to play basketball. In this same interview, Dizzy also reveals his experience of playing one of his first songs he recorded for his peers that they ended up loving and that their reaction to the song would give him the confidence to keep cultivating his own music. Heading into 2010, Dizzy would begin his music career officially as a solo artist when he released his first two mixtapes with his friend and DJ, "DJ Fame" that year called, "The Takeover" & "What Hip-Hop Needs". In this XXL feature, he also reveals how one of his breakout moments in 2010 came when he performed on 106 & Park

In this Mayo Music interview, Dizzy illuminates how on his third mixtape, "Legendary" his goal was to be the first artist coming out of Vegas to put the city on the map. As he kept generating music people would begin to be inspired by his music and how much potential Dizzy really had. Through his first three mixtapes Wright was known by, "Dizzy D Flashy" and as he prepared to drop his fourth mixtape he changed his name to, "Dizzy Wright" by adding his last name which signified a maturation process within himself. In this Mayo Music interview, Dizzy details his come up as a music artist and how after he released his fourth mixtape called, "Soul Searching" he would try to sign with a label called, "Bluestar" but the situation ended up not working out as they ended up not wanting to work with him for miscellaneous reasons. Unfortunately, Dizzy Wright was still doing everything himself and so he made the mistake of still allowing Bluestar to put their brand name on his project, although they did not help in anyway to release or promote the project. This ended up being a learning lesson for Dizzy as he realized he did need a team to help his music truly take off and also that he needed to be patient and wait for the right creative outlet to knock on his door. During this Mayo Music interview with Dizzy, he explains how his first encounters with, "Funk Volume" came via Hopsin seeing one of Dizzy's music videos posted on Hopsin's own page. Dizzy explained in the above Mayo Music interview in which he explains he chose to sign with Funk Volume in 2011 because they were able to provide the proper creative outlet for Dizzy to paint his story to his fans. Also, Funk Volume gave him the platform to finally get paid for the live shows he did because before he signed with Funk Volume he did not receive monetary compensation for his performances. Since his debut album, "Smokeout Conversations" dropped on April 20th, 2012 Dizzy has released 2 mixtapes in, "The Golden Age" (2013) & "Brilliant Youth EP"  (2014)  and his second album in, "The Growing Process" (2015). More recently, due to internal conflicts within the Funk Volume collective, the group would ultimately disassemble as Dizzy states in this HipHopDx interview about 4 months ago in January (2016).

Be sure to check out the dope music from this Las Vegas native MC below and be sure to be on the lookout for a collaborative project from Dizzy Wright and Logic as well! 

Dizzy Wright - Can't Trust Em

Dizzy Wright - Solo Dolo

Dizzy Wright - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Dizzy Wright - Fuck Your Opinion

Dizzy Wright - World Peace