DJ Jazzy Jeff

Out of the many aesthetics that constitute the dope culture of Hip-Hop, the art of DJ'ing and being able to control the musical journey and mood of an audience is arguably one of the most important aspects of Hip Hop culture. Jeffrey Allen Townes who is better known to most as, "DJ Jazzy Jeff" was born on January 22nd, 1965 in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jeff is one of the most iconic Hip-Hop icons to ever grace the turntables as a pioneer for his flawless turntable skills, innovative production and musical versatility. Jeff grew up in a household where he was surrounded by music since his father was an MC for the Jazz musician, "William Count Basie" which ultimately lead to Jeff being forced to take in a great variety of high quality music. This would set up Jazz's pure love for music and playing the music that people wanted to hear by collecting records everyday using the lunch money his mother would give him starting at the age of 10. By the time he was 13, Jeff had been DJ'ing parties by using his families basement as his training grounds to hone and perfect his technical skills as a DJ. As DJ Jazzy Jeff was coming up in the local Hip-Hop scene in West Philadelphia he would meet his longtime friend and MC, "Will Smith" in 1985 and would eventually form a Rap duo together called, "DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince". Together with Jeff's innovative production skills and transformative turntable skills (in which Jazzy was able to use two turntables and a mixer together to manipulate two different sounds to make them sound like one new sound respectively), he would cultivate funky smooth musical landscapes for Will Smith's descriptively sharp rhymes.  Together they would cultivate Hip-Hop classic songs such as, "Summertime" and "Parent's Just Don't Understand", both of which would earn the group two Grammy nominations and awards alike. They both would release 5 albums and sold over 5 million records cumulatively. Aside from his group accolades, DJ Jazzy Jeff has released dozens of mixtapes and compilations that have his signature mixing style and production sprinkled all over the projects. DJ Jazzy Jeff continues to travel all over the world and dazzle audiences across all musical tastes and genres respectively due to his elite skill level and passion for wanting to take his audiences on unparalleled musical experiences!

We encourage you to catch a show that DJ Jazzy Jeff is hosting in a city near you and to check some of his most notable musical records below!

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime

Shortkut & DJ Jazzy Jeff at Mighty SF

DJ Jazzy Jeff Boiler Room London Set