Dom Kennedy

The West Coast music scene was thought to be dead sometime after the Compton bred MC, "The Game" dropped his debut album in 2005 called, "The Documentary" but since 2008, the Leimert Park bred MC, "Dom Kennedy" has aimed to change that with his music. "Dominic Hunn" was born on August 22, 1984 and is from the southern region of Los Angeles, California. In this interview, Dom details his stage name originated from him wanting to have a name that exemplified style, charisma and a sense of authority. 

Dom reveals in this interview with, "DJ Drama" that he began to pursue his passion of becoming an MC full time in 2005 and in the subsequent three years, he released his first mixtape called, "25th Hour" (2008). Dom Kennedy's music has always been music that is best complimented by sunny weather which is akin to his upbringing in the sunny environment of Los Angeles. His debut tape bolsters a laid back and confidently smooth MC that showcased undeniable talent on the microphone over classic hip-hop instrumentals that includes the intro track, "Notorious DOM". It also showed Dom's apparent love towards women through his vibrant summertime track, "Watermelon Sundae". The mixtape would be received very well regionally and Dom would begin to develop a healthy buzz for himself. Thus it would only continue to grow with his next mixtape release just a year later, "Future Street/Drug Sounds" (2009). This tape features a very talented songwriter and vocalist in Chicago's very own, "BJ The Chicago Kid" with the song, "Of All Time". In 2010, Dom released the first volume of his, "Best After Bobby" mixtape series which showcases Dom spitting over dope instrumentals such as, "Compton, South Central" that is a tribute to, "Lupe Fiasco's" track, "Paris, Tokyo".

Dom Kennedy's breakout mixtape would come when he released, "From The Westside With Love" project that bolstered a near perfect sonically and cohesive project (2010). It spawned staple songs for Dom's career with tracks such as , "In Memory Of", "Choose Up", "Still Me" & "The 4 Heartbeatz". This tape would become a smash hit in his city and on the internet as well as it would put Dom on tour across the country and further generate his own legitimate following. The next tape he released named, "The Original Dom Kennedy"  at the top of the next year showcased a noticeably more developed and confident artist in Dom who seemed to have found his own unique sound. Dom displays his versatility on this tape with multiple flows on standout tracks such as, "Playas Punch" & "Goodbye". Just three months after the release of his fifth mixtape, Dom released a new age classic in his debut commercial release, "From The Westside With Love II" . In this interview, Dom details that after this very successful release under his company, "OPM" (Other People's Money) he would be able to perform almost anywhere in the nation and receive the appropriate support and recognition. The project bolsters Dom's best music at this point in his career with a uniquely raw and smooth west coast sound in tracks such as, "Grindin", "When I Come Around", "O.P.M." & "Ice Cream Truck".

Dom would take this momentum and run with it as he would release his next project titled, "Yellow Album"Dom stated in this interview that it was about him doing the album he wanted to do and not making, "a traditional rap album" (2012). Nonetheless, it allowed him to tour once again and spawned hit songs for the Leimert bred MC in, "Been Thuggin", "My Type Of Party" & "We Ball" featuring Compton's finest in, "Kendrick Lamar". This project also showcased his DJ, "Drewbyrd's" production skills with the standout project tracks called, "Gold Alpinas", & "1:25". Dom's next commercial release, "Get Home Safely" was set to release on October 15th, 2013 but was leaked a week early due to a mixup at the retailer he sold it to, Best Buy. Nonetheless, the album is a reflection of Dom's journey's since dropping, "The Yellow Album" and about seeing the world and realizing it all comes full circle when he realizes he has to come back home to complete this process. "Get Home Safely" retained Dom's signature west coast futuristic sound with songs such as, "Still Callin" & "South Central Love". The album also illuminates the amazing chemistry Dom shares with the Los Angeles native and rising MC Nipsey Hussle on the track, "Pleeze". This project established Dom as a true representative amongst the few responsible for the resurgence of West-Coast Hip-Hop. Dom's latest project dropped so appropriately last summer with the self titled album, "By Dom Kennedy" with its leading single anchoring the album in, "2bad". It also bolstered the other two singles, "Represent" & "Posted In The Club". The album is another dope project that has Dom once again declaring himself the King of the summertime records that have gifted him the opportunity of touring the globe with his OPM crew. 

We encourage you to check out Dom's latest project with the second installment of his, "Best After Bobby" mixtape series and some of his music below!

OPM Till Its Over!

I got the most game. I never said I had the best flows.
— Direct quote from Dom Kennedy's Beats Rhymes & Hoes song

Dom Kennedy - Grindin (Prod. By Cardo)

Dom Kennedy - Still Callin'

Malcolm X is known for being a sincere man. And that’s his credibility. And that’s what I am.
— Direct quote from Dom Kennedy on how he views himself

Dj Quik Suga Free & Dom Kennedy - Life Jacket

DOM KENNEDY'S - Watermelon Sundae

DOM KENNEDY - My Type of Party