Domo Genesis

Since the ultra talented music collective hailing from the Los Angeles area, "Odd Future" hit the music scene in 2007 with their debut mixtape, they generated a cult-like following of fans that are addicted to their philosophy of always following your heart regardless of what the naysayers think. Although the leader of the group, "Tyler The Creator" took OF to the next level with his success in the mainstream music industry, "Domo Genesis" has undoubtedly been one of the best artists within the Odd Future collective. "Dominique Cole" was born on March 9th, 1991 in Inglewood, California and would grow up in a household where his main musical influences were Jazz & Soul music as he was not allowed to listen to rap music at a young age. Dominique's introduction into the music scene would come from his mother's expertise in the game as she was a backup singer for brand name artists including, "Snoop Dogg". Domo's favorite rapper of all time is, "Nas" and this can be easily noticed in his ability to switch his rhyme scheme while simultaneously telling a story through his lyrics. Cole crafted his stage name from his first name and his love for his favorite gaming console of all time, the Sega Genesis, which birthed his moniker, "Domo Genesis". Domo met the founder of Odd Future, "Tyler The Creator" for the first time on Melrose and would continue to strengthen his relationship with Tyler through their similar tastes in humor, the drive to want to do music and also going to High School with Tyler as well. After being inducted into the Odd Future collective between 2008 and 2009, Domo would release his first mixtape, "Rolling Papers"  on August 30th, 2010 whilst attending college. The mixtape boasted features from the Odd Future collective which included Tyler The Creator and, "Hodgy Beats". In this interview with Sway, Domo illuminates how he decided to drop out of college after realizing he didn't want to graduate and land a job that he didn't want to do for the rest of his life. Instead he decided to follow his heart and pursue his dream to become a successful and inspirational artist with the support of his friends and family in Odd Future. Domo would continue to take his craft to the next level by releasing his second mixtape in, "Under The Influence" in which he unapologetically keeps weed as one of his main themes along with showing how his rhyme schemes and punchlines drastically approved in the song, "Mission Statement", illuminating a personal anecdote of his upbringing. For his third project, Genesis linked up with the mastermind producer, "Alchemist"for a joint collaboration album called, "No Idols" in which Domo is spitting over boom bap beats with the heavily praised single, "Elimination Chamber" featuring "Tyler The Creator", "Earl Sweatshirt", "Vince Staples" and "Action Bronson". Domo Genesis would also receive plenty praise for his amazing verse on the song, "Rusty" off of Tyler The Creator's album, "Wolf" (2013)Later that same year Domo also released a collaboration album named, "MellowHigh" with his Odd Future colleagues, "Left Brain" & "Hodgy Beats"

Fast forward to 2016, just a week before Domo would release his debut album, "Genesis"he would drop a single to the album, "Dapper" that features, "Anderson .Paak" on March 10th, 2016. This song would perfectly prime everyone for the soulful and feel good vibe that Domo's album would bring to his listeners. Once "Genesis"  was available on March 17th, 2016 it would be received very positively from critics and Hip-Hop fans alike for Domo showcasing his elevated MC skills and his amazing ability to be introspective and truly give his listeners a piece of himself on this album. This is easily seen on "Questions" & "One Below" in which Domo is the most introspective in which some of the most important people in his life are featured on the track including his uncle and mother. Ultimately, it seems as though Domo took his time away from music and being lost for the past couple of years to truly find himself and learn from other's who have succeeded on the solo tip (such as Tyler The Creator) to inversely pave his own path. 

We encourage you to support Domo by checking out his music below and purchasing Domo's newest album, "Genesis"!

Domo Genesis & Anderson Paak - Dapper

Domo Genesis & Tyler The Creator - Supermarket

Domo Genesis Tyler The Creator Earl - Like A Star

Tyler The Creator, Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt - Rusty

Domo Genesis - Questions