Freddie Gibbs

 "Freddie Gibbs" is an MC from Gary, Indiana that believes there is no one in the rap game who is better at his craft than himself. Gibbs has always strived to be the best when expressing himself on the microphone and he details in this interview with NPR that, "that no one can flat-out, out-rap me". Gibbs was born on June 14th, 1982 and grew up in the old factory town, Gary, that would quickly start to deteriorate when the crack epidemic hit in the early 1980's. His upbringing in such a rough environment filled with drugs and violence pushed Gibbs to start hustling and develop a mentality that he would have to survive by any means necessary. After a series of very unfortunate events in his life that included getting discharged from the military and unsuccessfully staying in college he would pursue his dreams of making music.

Nearly over a decade ago, Gibbs would be discovered by an intern at Interscope Records from one of his earliest mixtapes and the label was instantly impressed by his passion and aggression with his music. Interscope would sign Freddie Gibbs and then would receive an advance to work on his album. Barring many skirmishes with the law, hustling to start a business and fighting the control of label executives to advertise him he would release his two breakout mixtapes, "Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik" & "Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs". Gibbs eventually split from his label and would continue to receive attention from Hip-Hop publications and DJ's respectively that would mold Gibbs into an underground phenomenon. He even dropped an insane 81 track mixtape appropriately named, " The Labels Tryin' to Kill Me" which propelled him into internet stardom. Gibbs would release his debut album,"ESGN" on June 20, 2013 with the leading single, "One Eighty Seven" featuring Compton rapper, "Problem". He later released his well-received collaborative project and second album with Madlib called, "Piñata". This would all prepare him to drop his third album, "Shadow Of A Doubt" in 2015 that displays his aggressive but sharp flow with the song, "Extradite". Gibbs is not making any concessions as an MC and intends to keep building his brand as independent artist, firmly believing no can do what he does for Gangsta Rap. 

We encourage you to check out his music below and purchase his album, "Shadow Of A Doubt" if you want to support Freddie Gibbs!

Freddie Gibbs- 10 Times

Freddie Gibbs- Bout it Bout It

I think I’m the best rapper. Honestly, that’s my opinion. If I don’t think that, how can I sell it to you, you know what I mean? But I let the music speak for itself, I let the lyrics speak for themselves. I don’t need to profess that all the time or tweet it or anything like that. If you can do what I do lyrically, then do it. I think that — I don’t think it’s nothing that anybody else does lyrically out there that I can’t do. It ain’t nothing that challenging to me.
— Direct quote from Freddie Gibbs from NPR Interview

Freddie Gibbs - Careless

Freddie Gibbs - Insecurities

Freddie Gibbs- 187