G Herbo

The XXL Freshmen List for 2016 showcases a plethora of diverse and uniquely diverse class of upcoming artists that include the young Chicago rising MC, "G Herbo" who was born "Herbert Wright" on October 8th, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois. Wright's current stage name (just like his career) was not his first choice but instead he would become a product of his own environment.

As he states in this Noisey interview,  he ended up getting involved with the street despite growing up with both his parents and unfortunately would grow up in an environment that engulfed its inhabitants that included his friends and himself respectively. With the encouragement of his close friends and being influenced by his favorite artists ("Nas" & "Lil Wayne") would lead G Herbo to become another spokesman for his violent and unjust city that is ridden by unnecessary violent crimes and police abuse collectively.  

His childhood friend and now established artist from Chicago, "Lil Bibby" served as an invaluable connection and relationship for Herbo as the song, "Kill Shit" which he was featured on with Bibby would be one of Herbo's first instances standing out musically. Herbo would use this momentum to release his first mixtape, "Welcome to Fazoland" on February 17th, 2014. This tape was met with critical acclaim and was celebrated for bringing more of a lyrical side to music from the East Side of Chicago (which is often referred to as Drill Rap) and since this release Herbo has been on mission to defy the stereotype that MC's from Chicago aren't lyrical.

Since his first release G Herbo has released two more mixtapes in, "Pistol P Project" & "Ballin Like I'm Kobe" in which Herbo is commentating on the best and worst sides of his environment that include the wealth of creative talent but also deals with the lack of stable outlets and infrastructures for the youth to utilize accordingly.  In 2016, G Herbo has confirmed that his debut album, "Humble Beast" will release this year according to this humble and talented MC from the Midwest!

G Herbo - L's

G Herbo - Kill Shit

G Herbo - Hail Mary (Remix)

G Herbo & Lil Bibby - Don't Worry

G Herbo  - "Bottom of the Bottoms"