Ghostface Killah

One of the lyrical wizards of the infamously talented Wu-Tang Clan known as, "Ghostface Killah" (who's name originates from a character in the 1979 kung-fu film, "Mystery of Chessboxin"bolsters the largest and arguably move impressive solo discography outside of the musical work cultivated with his Wu conglomerates. Following Wu-Tang's breakthrough success and rise to stardom after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, "Enter The 36 Chambers"Ghostface would join forces with his fellow Wu swordsman Raekwon for his debut effort. Raekwon's first album, "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" would be often received and referred to as one of the best albums to be released in 1995 alongside other great Hip-Hop projects and this was due largely to the complimentary musical chemistry Raekwon & Ghostface share with each other on songs such as, "Knuckleheadz" and "Glaciers of Ice". These unforgettable lyrical performances would prime Ghostface appropriately for him to release his RZA produced debut studio album, "Ironman" which has Ghostface truly coming into his own as a brutally honest and highly sharp rhyming poet. The album would birth many Wu-Tang cult classic songs such as, "Winter Warz", "Motherless Child", "Fish", "Wildflower" and "Iron Maiden"

Ghostface Killah's solo project would debut at #2 on the Billboards Top 200 chart and this success would only continue as his sophomore, "Supreme Clientele (2000)" and junior, "Bulletproof Wallets (2001)" solo albums would be received with a healthy amount of commercial success and critical acclaim respectively.  

Since the release of his third album in 2001, Ghostface Killah has released 9 more solid albums that include 2 critically acclaimed in the projects, "The Pretty Toney Album" and "Fishscale" that are both revered as two of Ghosts' best albums in his extensive discography. 

Furthermore, Ghostface Killah has forever inked his name in permanent ink in the History books of Hip-Hop's greatest MC's of all time that contributed to one of the most seminal Hip-Hop groups of all time as well. Currently, Ghostface is working on his 13th album, "Supreme Clientele 2"

Please be sure to check out some of his best work below and his extensive discography here! 

P.S.S.- MF Doom & Ghostface are rumored to be dropping their highly anticipated DOOMSTARKS album any day now! 

Ghostface Killah - Iron Maiden

Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy

Ghostface Killah & Mary J Blige - All That I Got Is You

Ghostface Killah - Holla

MF Doom & Ghostface Killah - Lively Hood