Grandmaster Flash

The Grandmaster Flash

The foundation of Hip-Hop and its illustrious culture was originated in New York with DJ Kool Herc in the West side of the Bronx and Afrika Bambaataa on the East side. Somewhere in the middle of both of those legends would birth another father of Hip-Hop in Joseph "Grandmaster Flash" Saddler. His name would arise from his acrobatic performances in which he would take the art of cutting and mixing on the turntables to another level with his lightning fast techniques that were unparalleled during his time in the mid 1970's.

Flash was one of the first DJ's to pioneer many techniques on the turntable which included acquiring equipment that would allow him to listen and find certain parts in a song that would sound the best over another song or break beat. Flash also became one of the first architects on the turntables to Master the Ceremony (MC/Rap) during his performances to keep his audience completely captivated. Ultimately he would become the lead of his group called the Furious Five that would curate many classic Hip-Hop songs including the polarizing songs " The Message" & "White Lines" that addressed horrifically accurate conditions of his communities living conditions.  

Do your homework below on this Hip-Hop legend and peep the following videos on how The Grandmaster Flash made his contributions to Hip-Hop culture.

The Grandmaster Flash kicking knowledge on how Hip-Hop evolved from the integral period of Hip-Hop in the 1970's. Then he goes on to detail how it was transformed by advanced technology that would take his inventions on the turntable 30 years into the future!

Without the 1970’s there would be no Hip-Hop. There would be no 1980’s. There would be no MC’s or DJ’s or even graffiti artists. This is where it all started with analog music.
— Direct quote from Grandmaster Flash in the above video of Flash detailing Analog vs. Digital

Grandmaster Flash in a clip from the famous movie ,"Wildstyle" cutting up the famous rock the bells beat that most are familiar with due to LL Cool J's song. 

Grandmaster Flash details how he would get the party jumping by how he developed a technique to keep the people at the party rocking.

The Grandmaster Flash - White Lines music video