There are many critical philosophies that the lyrical swordsmen of the Wu-Tang Clan practice and of these, the most important include the power of Knowledge and Wisdom. "Gary Grice" who is known as, "GZA" the multi-faceted lyricist, is often revered for his slick and double-edged metaphorical flows that paint a vividly insightful picture of his own reality around him and beyond. These skills combined with his game-changing musical output during his career has cemented him as one of the best MC's and lyricist's to ever compete in Hip-Hop's competitive arena and earned him the moniker of, "GZA the Genius"

GZA was born in Brooklyn, New York and would sharpen his lyrical sword by battling throughout the boroughs of New York in scattered ciphers and rap battles. GZA illuminates his deep level of commitment to excellence in his craft of being an MC by articulating that he has been studying the art of being an MC before most rappers in his era. This level of dedication and grit is seen throughout the Wu-Tang clan and is very apparent in his album efforts, especially his classic sophomore 1995 project, "Liquid Swords". The album is hailed as not only one of the best albums to be released in 1995, but as one of the best albums in Hip-Hop history. This is in fact due to GZA's insane lyrical ability that allows him to articulate complex images in a simple manner that has his listener's hanging on to his every precisely elocuted bar and song. 

These traits on top of him blessing Hip-Hop with multiple solo high-quality albums and his amazing work done with his Wu-Tang clan members makes GZA a living legend in his own right for his ability to be arguably be the most lyrically and intellectually sharp member in the seminal Wu Hip-Hop crew. 

We encourage you to check out his discography here and to learn about the Science Genius program he started to educate the youth about his passions in science and music respectively! 

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