Homeboy Sandman

What makes Hip-Hop such a beautifully complex culture and genre respectively is the wide array of different types of artists and their unique stories that all center around the same principle that Hip-Hop is a way of life. Angel Del Villar boasts a background that is not akin the traditional Hip-Hop background as he grew up privileged by attending a prep school for high school before attending an Ivy-League Law School whilst having the opportunity to write a couple of pieces for the Huffington Post. Villar, who is better known as "Homeboy Sandman", grew up in Queens with a father who was a heavyweight boxer and lawyer along with a mother who was a college graduate. So naturally it was only appropriate when the 25 year old scholar won a scholarship to law school. But he would eventually leave school to pursue rapping full time after a divine experience of winning a rap battle to keep himself from being evicted due to the wisdom of Jermaine Dupri. At the age of 25 while attending law school on a scholarship, Sandman would decide to craft rhymes to a superb beat that was gifted to him by his friend and from there he would never look back. For a week straight he would write his rhymes sober (refraining from smoking marijuana) and these rhymes would eventually turn into his first EP, "Nourishment" and would provide the basis for his first album, "Nourishment: The Second Helping" (2007). This debut showcased Sandman's sharp and complex rhyme schemes filled with heavy creative conceptualizations with songs such as, "Buttermilk". His worldly view and extensively sharp vocabulary is apparent throughout his debut with songs such as, "Extreme Measures" & "Guerra". Since then, Homeboy Sandman has been addicted to working hard on his music, as opposed to his previous focus of constantly smoking marijuana, thus allowing him to take his work ethic to unseen heights with the release of 5 LP's and 7 EP's to date. Homeboy Sandman's education from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania (during which he studied English) would certainly pay off in the long run as one of his latest albums, "Hallways" would be included in Rolling Stone's publication list of the Best Rap Albums of 2014. 

Sandman believes in standing up for himself and he would ultimately love to tour the world to spread his genuine self and thoughts to those who follow his music and will continue to do so unapologetically. Be sure to check out his newest album, "Kindness for Weakness" and some of his best verses below!

Homeboy Sandman - Illuminati

Homeboy Sandman - Whatchu Want From Me

Hip Hop is shorthand for Black people…Brown people…and Brown culture...I usually think of Hip Hop as a music, like Country or like Jazz and I think when people talk about Hip Hop, in a large part what they’re talking about is a musical genre. I think beyond that, it is a culture, consisting of different elements…people talk about B-Boying, graffiti, and DJing, and the inner city culture that comes with making something out of nothing. That’s Hip Hop.
— Direct Quote from Homeboy Sandman from TheFindMag.com interview

Homeboy Sandman - Problems (Produced by Knxwledge)

Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock EP

I’m not out here like “I’ll kill anybody I see after I sell drugs to ‘em”…so now whatever that comes out of my mouth is socially conscious. Like I think of myself as someone who tries to improve as a person every day…you know…but…we should start calling the dumb shit dumb shit, and then the other stuff everything else. We shouldn’t call shit that isn’t dumb “socially conscious”. You know what I mean? That like turns people off… like it’s nerdy or some shit like that. Wack shit is wack…then the other shit is the good shit, talented shit. Call me a talented dude, that’s a multifaceted dude, I’m a multifaceted musician, I’m an honest musician who is an artist and cares about doing things that are new, I’m not pushing an agenda.
— Direct Quote from Homeboy Sandman from TheFindMag.com interview

Homeboy Sandman - Stroll