J. Dilla

It is without a doubt that James Dewitt Yancey who is also known as, "Jay Dee" or "J.Dilla" is easily one of the most revered and best hip-hop producers who has ever lived. Jay Dee was born on February 7th, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan. Dilla's masterful ability to flip samples unlike anyone else along with the ability to extract and engineer drums masterfully and even his chord placement on his songs are amongst the tip of the iceberg of points on why he is still head and shoulders above most producers today. He is frequently praised by the great ,"Questlove" of the legendary Roots crew who states," There will never be another J.Dilla. Your favorite producer has Dilla in his Top 3."

If Questlove's admiration for Dilla's skills doesn't say enough about his work then the work he's done with many legendary hip-hop artists such as the production on Slum Village's,"Fantastic Volume 1 & 2". Dilla even did production on ,"A Tribe Called Quest's" album "Beats, Rhymes & Life" and even worked with household names such as ,"The Roots", "De La Soul", "Pharcyde", "Busta Rhymes", "Common" and "Erykah Badu". Besides his solo albums that included, "Welcome 2 Detroit" and "Ruff Draft EP", Dilla collaborated with LA based producer ,"Madlib" and this would birth their collaboration joint called "Champion Sound".

Unfortunately, during the latter years of Dilla's career he became very ill with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura which is a very rare blood condition. Dilla knew his days were numbered and as he spent his last days in a hospital bed he only wanted two things. He wanted his mom to be by his side and to have his MPC and his turntable with his computer for him to make his last beat tape known as "Donuts." As writer Jordan Fergurson said in his Dilla tribute book called "Donuts"  he stated that," Donuts was not for you or me. It wad about a man coming to grips with his mortality. " Ultimately, it is a masterpiece in its own right when one considers the conditions in which it was made. 

J. Dilla - Dillatronic

J Dilla Production for this song  "So Far To Go "(Feat Common & D'Angelo) The Shining Album

You also gotta think about his range. His range is bar none. He’s gone through [four] production phases in his professional career. He didn’t stick to one. That’s the thing that really separates him from everyone in hip-hop. He started off with that post-Tribe, boom bap with [the] loud kushy drums and a bouncy bassline—[which] especially did well for The Pharcyde album and Tribe records. But then in a snap, he went to—once he started working with us, with the Soulquarians—he started playing the stuff live. The most hilarious thing of it all was that he was not technically a musician. But he was able to get the sound that he heard in his head, not only executed onto tape, but he did it in such an original way that it actually started to change our view of how we made music.
— Questlove during XXL Interview on Why Dilla is the best rap producer of all time

One of Dilla's legendary Beat Tapes