Jay Electronica

Among some of the most anticipated Hip-Hop albums in the last decade include Dr. Dre's infamous and legendary, "Detox" album, J. Cole & Kendrick's joint collaboration album and the holy grail of underground Hip Hop albums, "Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Nobility)" from New Orlean's own, "Jay Electronica".  "Timothy Thedford" who is better known as "Jay Electronica" was born on September 19th, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. As discussed in this MTV feature, Jay illuminates how he started rapping when he was 10 years old and how at first he was embarrassed of his southern accent and voice when he first started to become a practitioner of his craft. In this interview, Jay illuminates how he became a nomadic traveler trying to establish himself in the music industry by way of planting himself within different cities and would eventually do so a few years after his 19th birthday when he would be introduced to the legendary producer, "J.Dilla" in Detroit, Michigan by his friend and engineer, "Mike Chavarria". It was around this time when Jay's musical career would take off as he would record material for some of his earliest work such as, "Styles War EP" & "What The Fuck Is A Jay Electronica (Compilation Album)"

Undoubtedly, "Jay Electronica's" breakout project is, "Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) (2007)" which would take the internet and the music industry by storm in which Jay Electronica is essentially the main instrument (as the project's mix has no drums on it) over sample's from the movie, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". The tape is perceived as a timeless classic project with its spoken word and unique rhyming scheme over lush but minimal production. For still speculated reasons (among his personal reasons with dating a Rothschild Heiress) Jay Electronica would take a hiatus from music after garnering enough attention from the legendary MC and CEO, "Jay Z" to be signed to the Roc Nation record label. Although Jay Electronica has not released a full length project since 2007, he has released a variety of high quality tracks with records such as, "Exhibit A", "Exhibit C" & "Road to Perdition"Since then Jay Electronica has popped up at events such as the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival in 2014 with Jay Z and released sporadic songs such as, "Better In Tune with the Infinite". Although there is no direct evidence of Jay releasing his long awaited project, he has confirmed in interviews that the album is done but that he hopes his mere presence in the Rap industry has more of an impact than his actual album does. 

For now, we all wait patiently for Jay to drop another timeless classic upon the music industry!