Jeru The Damaja

The successor of the self-appointed and acclaimed professorial MC known as, "KRS-One" is the Brooklyn native MC,  "Jeru The Damaja". Jeru set out to also be the saving grace of Hip-Hop in the year of 1994 through his vividly and concisely articulated metaphysical portraits of his environment on his debut album, "The Sun Rises In The East". Jeru who's biological moniker is, "Kendrick Jeru Davis" was introduced to Hip-Hop at the age of seven and would start his journey to becoming a practitioner of the art of being a great MC at ten years old when he wrote his first lyricsJeru created his "Damaja" persona that is both a conscious truth teller and true to the streets of Brooklyn where he would hook up with DJ Premier and Guru (collectively known as "Gang Starr" in the late 1980's). 

Jeru would make his debut to Hip-Hop's arena in 1992 on Gang Starr's, "Daily Operations" album on the track, "I'm The Man" where his unique and aggressive yet conscious style of rapping was on full display. Two years later, Jeru would release his legendary single, "Come Clean" from his debut album, "The Sun Rises In The East" that would cement the Damaja's place in Hip-Hop's elite class of practitioners. The album can be argued as DJ Premier's best production work for a full-length project outside of work with Guru as the Gang Starr collective with his fully polished, funky, and brilliantly cultivated musical soundscapes that pairs with a highly talented MC in Jeru

The sophomore effort from Jeru known as, "The Wrath of Math"  would bolster the standout tracks, "Ya Playin' Yaself" and "Me or the Papes" which would instantly land him the title as one of the saviors of Hip-Hip due to his unapologetic honesty about the state of Hip-Hop musicJeru would go on to release three more albums over the next ten years with the albums, "Heroz4Hire (1999)", "Divine Design (2003)" and "Still Rising (2007)"

We encourage you to check out his discography here and his some of his best music below!

Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean

Jeru The Damaja - 99.9 Pa Cent

Jeru The Damaja - Can't Stop The Prophet

Jeru The Damaja - My Mind Spray