Jesse Boykins III

Since 2008, when Kanye West dropped his revolutionary and musically bold album, "808's and Heartbreaks"the Brooklyn based and multi-talented artist, "Jesse Boykins III" took inspiration to steadily working on crafting and developing his own unique genre-breaking sound as well. Through his exploration of the universes' energies that govern the most important aspects of the human experience and his masterful ability to blend together the musical textures of pop, R&B, soul and funk, Boykins has ushered in a new R&B vibe that sounds downright extraterrestrial. The now thirty-one year old artist uses his music as a platform to tell tales of raw and unapologetic tales of love, human connections and the beauty of all it's ups and downs yielding him a direct and tangible connection with his fans who directly align with him on a personal humanistic level. 

Jesse's childhood growing up as family oriented individual is the foundation that molded him into the artist he is today via the musical talents and passions that already existed within his familial circle. Boykins would develop his love for music gradually as he grew up through the musicians in his family and from name brand artists that he was influenced by such as, "Bob Marley""Andre 3000", "John Lennon" and "Phil Collins". Since the early years of his adolescence, Boykins has developed a passion for music and thus would receive the appropriate recognition when he received an invitation to be a part of and record with the Grammy Jazz Ensemble as a high school student. This would lead to his recruitment from The New School University in New York where Boykins would attend and learn the foundational skills to properly write songs and perform under the tutelage of the Grammy Award Winning vocalist, "Bilal"

The year 2008, would be Boykins' coming out party as an artist when he released his first project, "Dopamine: My Life On My Back"The project showcases Boykins' artistry through his futuristic and luscious production that aims to illuminate how one feels when the chemical Dopamine is released in one's body. Since the release of his first EP, Boykins has released 5 stellar projects including two of his best coming in the last two years in, "Love Apparatus" and "Bartholomew LP" Going forward, Jesse Boykins is looking to release a documentary that links to his "Love Apparatus" album and that will thus create a full visual and musical artistic experience for his fans. 

Please be sure to check out some of his amazing visuals below!

Jesse Boykins - Show Me Who You Are

That’s usually how people’s minds open up; through another person or falling in love so much that you want to be a part of the culture or whatever it is that you’re in love with. That’s the way to be. I’m always in love.
— Direct Quote from Jesse Boykins from AntidoteMag Interview

Jesse Boykins - Amorous

I do have visions, he mentioned, I do visualize and come up with concepts. I look at everything as a story, to take things and apply it to what I’m doing. Like any artist, you take in as much inspiration as you can and revert it into expression.
— Direct Quote from Jesse Boykins from AntidoteMag Interview

Jesse Boykins - Mean Girls

My priority is to create something that will actually cause impact. It may not impact you now but if you sit with it long enough, it will get to you.
— Direct Quote from Jesse Boykins from Interview

Jesse Boykins - Our Tonight Is Mine