The beauty of music is that it can be therapeutic and often utilized as a tool for navigating through life's successes and hardships concurrently. One also has to take into account that successfully breaking into the music industry on the highest platform is certainly an arduous task, but any true musician will somehow cultivate their own unique path. "Christian Berishaj", the currently twenty-nine year old multi-instrumentalist, producer, vocalist, mixer and engineer from the rough streets of Detroit, Michigan has been following his passion since he was twelve years old. Berishaj's musical talent hails from his mother's piano abilities, as he was put into piano lessons at a young age, but would eventually quit because he thought the guitar was more of his style. In a recent Complex feature, Christian admits that he wishes he stuck with playing the piano to have the ability to completely utilize the instrument in his music but nonetheless, his piano skills are still showcased beautifully throughout his music. Fortunately enough for Berishaj, his father would buy him music recording equipment at a young age which allowed him to utilize his natural talent for playing multiple instruments at the age of twelve. Growing up, Christian's biggest musical influence was Prince even though he grew up in place where the legendary MC, "Eminem" is revered as one of the greatest to ever step foot in the music industry. In a interview with, Christian details how his musical development has been a journey and how his progression has brought his musical endeavors full circle. For example, he started off cultivating his current style of music (soulful R&B) at a young age but it would not translate well to people thus he decided to take his music in a different direction. Christian decided to initially produce Alternative music and then would move on to Electronic music before he finally developed the personally and artistry to produce a refreshing Neo-Soulful R&B sound he now cultivates on a daily basis.

At the age of eighteen, Christian formed his own Punk Rock band called, "Love Arcade" under Atlantic Records and they released one self-titled album, "Love Arcade" in 2006 while he performed under the stage name, "Snowhite". Eventually, the group ran it's course and was dropped from Atlantic Records shortly after their album was released. It would not be long before Snowhite would change his stage name again to a more controversial and unorthodox name in Christian TV and brought his music to the label Warner Brothers who at first showed interests in signing Christian before ultimately dropping him from another major label in Warner Brothers altogether. Christian explains in this Complex feature how the music he made before he got dropped from Warner Brothers would ultimately become his ticket to being noticed and signed by the legendary Motown Records company. Specifically, "When She Turns 18" song and video would spark the interest of Motown Records who ultimately only wanted radio hit records from the Detroit native. This conflicted with what he wanted for himself since he believed in doing music that, "fulfilled his soul" and not just producing a smash club record. Christian would eventually present the soulful and genuine sounding record, "Girl I Used To Know" to Motown that was more personable and darker sonically but was still true to himself. Unfortunately, Motown decided to let him go because he was not complying with their vision of what they wanted from Christian musically. Christian would reveal in this Complex feature that he was glad that he left the machine of the major record label infrastructure because he wanted to make music for himself and for others the right way. 

After being released from Motown RecordsChristian still possessed the urge to drop the type of music he wanted to give to the world and so he decided to go the independent route by starting his own label, White Room Records. In the midst of breaking up with his girlfriend and looking for a new moniker to go by, Christian would change his stage name to Jameson (because it's his favorite choice of liquor) and instead would drop the vowels out of the name to avoid any potential lawsuits from the liquor company. From that point, JMSN poured out his soul and all of his inner thoughts onto his debut album, "Priscilla" which released on January 11th, 2012. JMSN handled all the instrumentation, production, recording and mixing on the album which is a double edged sword in that he had to juggle so many different creative roles at once as he explained in this Complex interview. This album featured a new R&B sound for JMSN that was oppositely different than his previously engineered Pop-Rock and Electronic music. This album has JMSN showcasing his emotions over beautifully cultivated musical landscapes with songs such as, "Jameson", along with "Love & Pain". JMSN also directed the music videos for certain songs off the album such as, "Alone", "Hotel" and "Something". The album received positive reviews and even received acclaim from the great R&B artist, "Usher" who claimed JMSN was his new favorite artist. After releasing his debut album, he released a new extended play project in, "Pllaje" the next year (2013) which received widespread critical acclaim across the industry and would eventually start landing JMSN on songs with known brand name artists. JMSN explains in this Complex feature that Top Dawg Entertainment's manager, "Dave Free" and "Sounwave" (TDE's in-house producer) reached out to him to work on, "Kendrick Lamar's" classic, "Good Kid Madd City" album. JMSN would lay down some vocals for the vibey and amazing track in, "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" along with some minor production for the album as well. JMSN was even contacted by The Game to sing the chorus for the song, "Pray" for his, "Jesus Piece" album that featured J.Cole as well. TDE's own, "Ab-Soul" even worked with Detroit native on a song that was going to end up being just a JMSN song but instead Ab-Soul joined in on JMSN's production on the track which became, "Nibiru". The chemistry between JMSN & Ab-Soul was so great that they recorded songs for a joint project together called, "Unit 6" that ended up being scrapped because management on both sides could not decide on how to release the project as Ab-Soul explains in this interview. Nonetheless, JMSN would release his second album, "JMSN (Blue Album)" on December 9th, 2014 which is a more upbeat and positive project that shows an evolved person and artist in JMSN that is accepting what has happened to him and is eager to progress his music to another level. 

JMSN recently released his third studio album, "It Is"  on March 1st, 2016 that features luscious live soulful production and raw lyrics from the evolved Detroit native such as the album's single, "Cruel Intentions". JMSN aims to use his label White Room Records to push his musical agenda further along with other new artists he is looking to break into the music industry. We encourage you to check out some of his music below and be sure to support his newest project, "It Is" on iTunes!

Ta-Ku - Love Again feat. JMSN & Sango

A record deal doesn’t really mean anything other than to say you have a record deal. That’s it. You still have to go out and do the work. The thing that I learned was that it’s always going to be on you to go out and do it, whether you have a record deal or not.
— Direct Quote from JMSN from interview

JMSN - Jameson

Actually, I don’t have much of a personal life. This [Music] is my personal life.
— Direct Quote from JMSN on how music is life during Interview

JMSN - Girl I Used To Know

JMSN - Addicted

If you believe in what you’re doing it will translate. People will believe if you believe.
— Direct Quote from JMSN from Interview

JMSN - Cruel Inentions