Joey Bada$$

New York is considered to not only be one of the top cities in the United States of America but it also is known to be the origin of the beautifully complex culture and genre known as Hip-Hop. More specifically the borough known as Brooklyn has birthed some of the greatest and most impactful artists such as Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G. . Flatbush, Brooklyn has also cultivated another highly talented MC in, "Joey Bada$$" who has quickly become a central focus for the New York Rap arena. Simultaneously, he has taken the Hip-Hop game by storm since the earliest days of him honing his craft when he released one of his first freestyle videos on Youtube at just fifteen years old. 

Growing up in Flatbush, the song "Hypnotize" by The Notorious B.I.G. is what really drew the Brooklyn native to Hip-Hop at a very young age. Before adopting his current moniker (Joey Bada$$), Jo-Vaughn Scott began his music career with the name JayOhVee for a short stint before deciding to change it as his music and himself matured respectively. It is by no surprise that Joey's music is reminiscent of the golden age of Hip-Hop during the 1990's as the boom-bap production is vividly apparent with his crisp and aggressively clever flows that are akin to the favorite artists he grew up listening to in Nas, Jay-Z and even MF Doom. 

While attending school at Edward R. Murrow, Bada$$ would create his collective called ProEra that originally consisted of himself, Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly and Pow Pe. STEEZ who came up with the name for the crew would make an appearance in the video, "Survival Tactics" that generated huge amounts of healthy buzz for Joey Bada$$. Joey would land his manager in 2010 known as Jonny Shipes after releasing one of the earliest videos of Bada$$ freestyling and instantly Shipes recognized the immense potential and high level of raw talent in the multitalented MC.

By 2012, Pro Era had already released its first mixtape in, The Secc$ Tap.e. and Joey would also release his first critically acclaimed mixtape, "1999" that was named the 38th best project by Complex Magazine for the year and Best Mixtape of the year by

The buzz generated by the release of Joey's debut mixtape 1999 would land the Brooklyn MC with the talented MC from Pittsburgh in Mac Miller on his project, "Macadelic" for the song, "America". This would lead to himself and his Pro Era Crew touring with Juicy J on The Smokers Club Tour that included 30 tour dates. After releasing a song with Top Dawg Entertainment member, "Ab Soul" named, "Enter The Void", Joey would release his second mixtape, "Summer Knights" that featured the DJ Premier produced hit song "Unorthodox"

Since 2013, Joey Bada$$ has become the Creative Director of Ecko Clothing owned by Marc Ecko, a XXL Freshman and also released a highly successful debut album in, "B4.Da.$$"Joey is slated to drop his new album, "A.A.B.A." soon and multiple media sources such as Hypebeast and XXL have reported that the album is 90% done.

Please checkout some of his best work below and his extensive discography here. 

Joey Bada$$ - Christ Conscious

Pro Era Cypher

Joey BadA$$ debuts his video for "Survival Tactics" 

Joey Bada$$' official music video for his single "Unorthodox" 

Joey Bada$$ - Devastated