The most important and anonymous facet of a song is the producer, and when it comes to production in the Los Angeles music sector, the Jamaican New Jersey bred producer, "Knxwledge" is light years ahead of the rest in terms of musical output. In this interview, Knxwledge, known to his family as "Glen Boothe", reveals that his love for music started with being brought up in a church setting and raised in a music oriented family; him and his two brothers are multi-instrumentalists. Knxwledge started as a musician and eventually would start to pave his lane as a producer, chopping hip hop cuts in middle school. Influenced by Nas and R&B music, Knxwledge would take advantage of his access to all of the church's old instruments and figure out how to put together his own musical setup at the age of 11 to produce music. These tracks he recorded at a young age are still around and appear on one of his LP's named, "Kauliflowr". Fast forward to his time at Cheyney College (a historically black university) and working a mundane job at J.Crew, he was contacted by, "Olan O'Brien" of Dublin's All City Record Label. In this xl8r interview, Knxwledge details how this pairing with the New York veteran of Hip-Hop would undoubtedly increase his visibility as a producer and thus would land him in Ireland for one of his first shows due to his LP, "Klouds".  Also in the same xl8r interview, Knxwledge would continue to talk about how just before his second year of college he was scheduled to perform with brand name artists such as Danny Brown & DJ House Shoes. He was scheduled to work an overnight shift not too long after he returned to Philadelphia for school and something hit him inside that made him he realize that working retail was not for him. Ultimately, he never showed up to work and moved to LA just weeks later to pursue his music career full time. 

Knxwledge openly admits that making beats is an everyday thing and living so close to an amoeba record store is a priority for him. This is easily noticeable as he has been diligently creating in the shadows since since 2009 and has blessed us with over 50 beat tapes since he started releasing music on his Bandcamp profile. Knxwledge's work ethic is second to none and he illuminates this when he opens up to xl8r in this interview as he declares that he has made roughly over 500,000 beats and has only released a couple hundred on his Bandcamp profile. He also reveals in this interview that he has prided himself in making beats that are, "rapper proof" and that's why he was so amazed when the likes of, "Joey Bada$$" and "Kendrick Lamar" were able to identify beats that they could lyrically destroy from Knxwledge's chaotically smooth musical portfolio. Joey Bada$$ was able to pick a beat from one of Knxwledge's first beat tapes that would become, "Killuminati". There a few producers who can say their first major beat placement came from being on one of the most influential Hip-Hop albums of all time, but that's exactly what happened when Kendrick picked a beat from Knxwledge's"Anthology" project. That beat would become the song, "Momma" on Kendrick Lamar's, Grammy award-winning album, "To Pimp A Butterfly". Knxwledge does this for the love of the culture and hopes to continue putting out more great albums that will reach the whole world while remaining true to his style. Luckily for us, the Stones Throw Records multi-instrumentalist representative does not plan on stopping his grind anytime soon.

We encourage you to check out some of his music below, his Bandcamp profile, and to also check out one of his latest projects, "Hud Dreems"


Kendrick Lamar - Momma (Track produced by Knxwledge)

Joey Bada$$ & Capital STEEZ - Killuminati (Produced by Knxwledge)

Music is just my version of Church
— Direct quote from Knxwledge during an interview with The

Blu - Keep Pushin' (Produced by Knxwledge)