Kodak Black

Confidence and belief in one's own ability to achieve your full potential is key in developing into the best artist one can become. The nineteen year old artist from Pompano Beach, Florida known as, "Kodak Black" has already done just that by proclaiming to be better than the likes of two Hip-Hop iconic legends in, "Tupac" and "The Notorious BIG". Although, "Kodak Black" who was born, "Dieuson Octave" is not from the same generation from those before him who lived through and recognized the musical and social impacts both of those deceased legends left for Hip-Hop culture to build upon.

Octave grew up a, "Project Baby" (which relates to the names of his first two musical projects) in the crime ridden area of the Golden Acres Developments where his parents would relocate to after leaving their homeland of Haiti. Kodak Black began to take his musical career serious after his hustling in the streets would lead to him eventually catching a punishable by life charge for an armed carjacking in Middle School and would force him to be in and out of juvenile hall at a young age. After being released from juvie, Kodak released the song, "Fresh Outta Juvie" and then would release one of his first projects in, "Project Baby" at the end of 2013. Over the next two years, Kodak released two projects in, "Heart of the Projects" and "Institution". Kodak would receive huge amounts of buzz from the Superstar Canadian artist, "Drake" when he videotaped playing one of Kodak's singles, "Skrt" and when two of Kodak's songs dropped on Drake's OVO Radio Station, "Shoulda Woulda" and "No Flocking"

Most recently for Black, he has announced he intends to partner up with, "Lil Uzi Vert" to headline the, "Parental Advisory" tour together and has also been chosen as one of the Hip-Hop's rising artists for the XXL 2016 Freshmen Cover. Be sure to check out some of his music below and be on the lookout for more from Kodak Black!

Kodak Black - SKRT

Kodak Black - No Flocking

I’m better than Pac and Biggie.
— Direct Quote from Kodak Black from XXL Profile Feature

Kodak Black - Skrilla

Kodak Black - Ran Up A Check