The legendary Bronx artist, "Afrika Bambaataa" is the man who is responsible for creating the foundation of Hip-Hop as a culture, genre and even a civilization respectively, but the popularization of this phenomenon is credited towards the legendary Bronx MC and Hip-Hop professor known as, "KRS-One"

"Lawerence Kris Parker" who is better known as KRS-One articulates in this interview how he  met his future DJ and "Boogie Down Productions" partner in "DJ Scott La Rock" at a homeless shelter as he was KRS-One's social worker. The first time they met, KRS rapped a verse for him (that would later be turned into the song, "Advance") and from then on they would join forces with the Bronx native MC, "D-Nice" to form the group known as Boogie Down Productions. Among one of the first songs they recorded, "South Bronx" would be one of their first introductions into Hip-Hop's arena and would allow them the to be in the position to play more live shows after the record was played countless times by a DJ in a Latin Quarters nightclub of New York City. 

In 1987, Boogie Down Productions would release their debut album, "Criminal Minded" that bolstered their hit songs, "Elementary", "South Bronx" and the iconic song, "The Bridge Is Over" that would cement the album as one of the best works in Hip-Hop's illustrious and complex historical discography. Unfortunately, DJ Scott La Rock was shot dead before he would ever see the release of the group's second album the following year in 1988 called, "By All Means Necessary" which would have KRS-One moving away from the violent themes on his first project and adopting the moniker, "The Teacher". The album's themes cast a wide net in speaking out and informing the Hip-Hop community about the many social issues that plague the people. Some of which include how Hip-Hop stems from in corruption via the government, police corruption, safe sex and even violence in the Hip-Hop community. The standout song on the album, "My Philosophy" encompasses the theme of the album beautifully and has since been one of Hip-Hop's most impactful and effective songs due to its influence on many future Hip-Hop artists such as, "N.W.A." and main member "Ice Cube"

After releasing three more albums under the name, "Boogie Down Productions", KRS-One set out to establish himself as a solo artist and would team up with the producers, "DJ Premier", "Kid Capri" and even "Showbiz" would produce the iconic song, "Sound of Da Police" for his debut 1993 album, "Return of the Boom Bap"Since his debut KRS-One has released eleven more solo albums and thus has not wasted any time in firmly cementing himself as one of Hip-Hop's most respected icons ever due to his lyrical abilities paired with his impactful content that both inspired and informed his listeners about Hip-Hop's culture and roots with how it's affecting the world we all inhabit today. 

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Boogie Down Productions - South Bronx

KRS-One - Sound of da Police

The struggle sharpens human beings;
— Direct Quote from KRS One from PunchRecordsOnline Interview

KRS-One - The Bridge Is Over

KRS-One - Return of the Boom Bap

KRS One - My Philosophy

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