Large Professor

The pioneers and gatekeepers of Hip-Hop who have dedicated their careers to contribute and expand the beautiful culture of Hip-Hop will forever be immortalized on Hip-Hop's Mount Rushmore. "William Paul Mitchell" is better know to Hip-Hop purists as a unique MC and producer, "Large Professor"The Professor has always been about the business of contributing invaluable classic records and vibes to the Hip-Hop genre for over twenty-years with legendary artists such as, "Nas", "Rakim", "Big Daddy Kane" and "A Tribe Called Quest".

As LP revealed in this interview with NPR, his love for music started as a child with his favorite toy being a Fisher Price Record Player . This passion for music would only develop as he grew up during the golden age of Hip-Hop in New York City. LP even spoke about how his parents would give him the title of being a Disc Jockey at an early age by giving him the responsibility of playing records in his parent's home. By the age of nineteen, LP had already been DJ'ing and would start his production career off by being in the presence of Hip-Hop icons due to his mentor, "Paul C (an East Coast producer and engineer)" lending him his SP-1200 Drum Machine. This would lead to LP making tons of beats that would soon circulate the streets of New York.  

LP's extreme work ethic and natural knack for making beats would land him in the studio with Hip-Hop icon, "Biz Markie" who would use one of his beats to make the classic song, "Just A Friend". LP's career would only continue to progress as he joined the Hip-Hop group, "The Main Source" and would go on to cultivate classic songs for the group that included, "Live At The Barbecue", "Just Hanging Out" and "Looking At The Front Door".  LP is even responsible for about a third of the masterful production on Nas' legendary debut album, "Illmatic" with the songs, "Halftime", "One Time For Your Mind" and "It Ain't Hard To Tell". Furthermore he has also done beats for countless other amazing MC's like, "Big L", "Big Daddy Kane" and "Busta Rhymes".

Since LP dropped his classic self-titled solo debut, "The LP" in 1996, he has released four more projects with his 5th solo project, "RE:Living" released in 2015. Please be sure to check out his extensive and incredibly legendary production discography here and some of his best production below! 

Nas - Haftime

Biz Markie - Just A Friend

Main Source & Nas - Live at the BBQ

ATCQ - Keep It Rolin'