Lil Yachty

The surge of talented artists coming out of Atlanta, Georgia has been lead by the artists, "Young Thug" and "Future" over the past couple of years. Another musical act that has exploded from the ATL scene in the past year has been the MC and vocalist, "Lil Yachty". Lil Yachty who is formally known as "Miles Parks McCollum" (and also known as Lil Boat) was born on August 23rd, 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. In this interview, Lil Yachty states that growing up his biggest influences musically were, "Coldplay", "Lil B" & "Soulja Boy". Lil Yachty's masterplan was to move to New York to cement his name as Lil Yachty but ended up moving back to Atlanta and made the right connections to finally push his two debut songs, "Lil Boat" & "Hella O's" which would help generate enormous amounts of buzz for Yachty. What would ultimately cause him to blow up would be this vine video that one of his fans created with his hit song, "1 Night" and would cause his song to go viral all over the internet. As Yachty explains to XXL, he's not exactly sure why he wanted to start rapping but believes it has to do with the influence of this group he was apart of called the Yacht Club that was full of rappers. Although Yachty has only been recording and rapping for a year and a half he recently has released his breakout project in, "Lil Boat" which has received plenty of acclaim and thousands of plays and downloads alike digitally (2016). He was also just featured on Chance the Rapper's latest album "Coloring Book" on the song "Mixtape".

Be sure to check out some of his standout songs below and be sure to support his newest project, "Lil Boat"!

Lil Yachty - Minnesota

Lil Yachty - 1 Night

Lil Yachty - Hella O's