Undoubtedly, Uber should be thankful that the twenty-four year old rising Hip-Hop artist, "Malcolm Davis" who is better known as, "Madeintyo" (pronounced made in Tokyo) has cultivated a popular anthem for their riders called, "Uber Everywhere". Madeintyo has only one EP on his musical resume known as, "You Are Forgiven" and has amassed over thirty-two million streams on Soundcloud for his catchy Uber anthem. Madeintyo has even generated a remix with Travis Scott for "Uber Everywhere" and the MC's known as, "Dave East", "Maino" and "Uncle Murda" each snapped on the song's instrumental.

Madeintyo's musical style can easily be attributed to his short living stint of six years in Tokyo (thus sparking the origin of his moniker) and the ideology that people will appreciate someone who stays true to themselves. In this XXL interview,  Madeintyo gives insight that his musical style, "isn't something to take too serious and that if you're not moving around then it's not a Tyo record." 

Prior to his rise as one of the most popular Hip-Hop artists, Malcolm had his own dreams of joining Pharrell's Ice Cream skateboarding team and would become inspired to start rhyming after hearing the Ludacris hit song, "Area Codes". Madeintyo's debut project, "You Are Forgiven" was released commercially in April of 2016 under his label imprint Private Club via Warner Brother Records. Recently, Madeintyo released Disc 2 to the "You Are Forgiven" project and also released his newest project, "Thank You Mr. Tokyo" via Soundcloud. 

Be sure to check out some of his best material below and his newest project via his Soundcloud here.

Madeintyo- Skateboard P

Madeintyo ft. 2 Chainz - I Want

Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere

Madeintyo- Savage

Madeintyo - Whoeva

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