Masta Killa

The last member to be added to the starting lineup of the Wu-Tang Hip-Hop powerhouse would be the MC, "Masta Killa" who had the most memorable verse on the Wu's debut classic album, "Enter The 36 Chambers" with the track, "Mystery of Chessboxin". Jamel Irief was born in Brooklyn, New York and was the last of the nine Wu members to be recruited into the collective as being in Wu-Tang was something he never planned on joining until he realized how serious his Wu brothers were about making it official.

Killa articulates in this interview, that he was mentored by GZA in his early days with Wu-Tang before he ever performed for the first time on a stage with his Wu conglomerates. After serving his stint in prison, he would make appearances on songs that are now considered Wu classics in, "Winter Warz", "Duel of the Iron Mic" and "Glaciers of Ice". Killa's flow is known to be generally laid back and concise that Killa articulates is a by-product of the eight other styles and flows of his fellow Wu lyrical swordsmen

Killa was the last of the Wu-Tang killer bee's to release his critically acclaimed 2004 and the RZA produced solo debut, "No Said Date" that included every member of the Wu collective during a time where the group was not as unified as they were in their earlier days together. Although his solo debut and his next two solo albums, "Made In Brooklyn" and "Selling My Soul" were positively received by Wu fanatics, Killa's solo efforts would not make a huge impact outside of that group of listeners. Ultimately, Masta Killa's legacy within Wu-Tang's illustrious history is forever cemented and never to be duplicated.

Be sure to check out some of Masta Killa's best verses and songs below along with a recent interview!

Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery Of Chessboxin

Masta Killa - Masta Killa

I never performed until we launched Wu-Tang. That was my first time as an MC. I have history since elementary school doing talent shows. Breaking and shit like that. I was that kind of dude. I loved to pop. That was me. Always doing shit around music. As far as with a mic in my hand, Wu-Tang was the first time.
— Interview with Masta Killa from

Masta Killa - Street Corner feat. Inspectah Deck & GZA

Masta Killa - Old Man

My style comes from all of the eight. All of that is what makes me. That’s why I’m the ninth. It takes nine to be complete. The number system goes from zero to nine then repeats itself. I’m like the glue. It’s everything within one. I took all of my brothers as a lesson. It was fortunate that I was able to sit in the cut and study, both talent and business wise. Then I came out to express myself.

— Masta Killa from Interview

Masta Killa Featuring Method Man & Redman - Therapy

Masta Killa Interview