There is something to be said about artists (especially independent Hip-Hop artists) who build their career from the ground up and then there's something extra special about the slim few who are successful in doing so by remaining highly relevant and respected in the rap industry consistently for two decades. The South Central Los Angeles native from California known as, "Murs" is exactly that type of artist who has managed to build an extensive high-quality body of musical work that stems from his solo work and collaborative work with some of the best artists and producers in Hip-Hop. This includes Murs' arguably best project he has released to date with the talented producer, "9th Wonder" called, "Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition" (2004) that received large amounts of critical acclaim from the music critics and Hip-Hop aficionados respectively for Mur's aggressive and sharp rhyming skills combined with his honesty all over a lush sample-based musical landscape. Murs has even hooked up with another brilliant musician/producer from his hometown in the talented multi-instrumentalist, "Terrace Martin" with the collaboration project, "Melrose" from 2011 and even more recently with the Miami based Hip-Hop group, "¡Mayday!" with the project, "¡MursDay!" (2014)

After Murs' stint with his early former rap group, "3 Melancholy Gypsys" he has joined the rap group known as, "Living Legends" in 1996 with artists, "Eligh", "Scarub" & "The Grouch" and would remain in the group until their disbandment in 2012. Nonetheless, Murs' solo carer would begin in 1997 when he would release his debut album, "F'Real" that is undoubtedly rare to find in its physical form in the underground hip-hop world. Over the next five years Murs would continue on his underground grind as he would release three more projects in, "Good Music" (1999), "Murs Rule The World" (2000) and "Murs Is My Best Friend" (2001). In 2002, Murs would link up with the MC, "Slug" from, "Atmosphere" for the first time to form the Hip-Hop duo, "Felt" and would release their debut project, "Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci" that is still considered by many to be a great underground Hip-Hop project for their amazing chemistry on songs such as, "The Two". That next year, Murs would sign to his first independent record label, "Definitive Jux" to release one of the most refreshing Hip-Hop albums at that time in, "The End of the Beginning" (2003). This project would leave his fans wanting more from the MC but they would have to wait 5 years before Murs would release another solo album. Throughout those years he would drop two more collaborative projects with 9th Wonder in, "Murray's Revenge" (2006) & "Sweet Lord" (2008). Later that same year, Murs would release his sixth studio album, "Murs for President" (2008) that is also arguably some of the best music Murs has ever released with its pristine musical quality due to the genius of the legendary music producer, "DJ Quik" with songs such as, "Can It Be". 

Since 2008, Murs has released three more solo studio albums with his most recent being, "Have A Nice Life" (2015) under the, "Strange Musiclabel that captures Murs in his most mature spot in his life and music career respectively where Murs is still reaching to accomplish his goal of doing whatever he can to help and change the world around him. Murs even cultivated a music festival, "Paid Dues" that showcased the best of the underground Hip-Hop community both known and unknown for about 8 years consecutively since its debut in 2006 until Murs announced in 2014 that it might not ever be back due to financial reasons. Murs is even invested in building schools in Africa and sending kids to school from Ethiopia in an effort to better the lives of others. Murs wishes to continue to record music as he pleases while simultaneously helping others achieve their dreams! We encourage you to check out some of his best music below from this Hip-Hop OG!  

Murs - The Pain

Murs - Breakup Song

Murs & Slug - The Two

Murs - Okey Dog