Nellly's cheek bandage has become an icon in Hip Hop just as much as his hit records.

The top of the twenty-first century introduced a new era of Hip-Hop artists and music that evolved from the acclaimed era of Hip Hop known as the, "Golden Age". The year 2000 would gift the Hip-Hop enthusistasts and practitioners worldwide to outstanding works that included Outkast's, "Stankonia", Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" and the debut album, "Country Grammar" from the St. Louis native and future Grammy Award Winning MC known as, "Nelly". Nelly, born as Cornell Haynes Jr. on November 2nd, 1974 in Austin, Texas, moved to St. Louis, Missouri where he would grow up and begin to develop his passion and ambition to become a Hip-Hop superstar.

By the time Nelly was attending High School, he would form the rap group with the moniker, "St. Lunatics" with his fellow friends, "Ali", "Murphy Lee" "Kyjuan" and "City Spud". Although the group would only release one album, "Free City"it would still be a commercial success and would achieve platinum selling status after a month of its release. Undoubtedly, the group's success would hang heavily on the shoulders of Nelly due to his initial smash debut album, "Country Grammar" that would bolster three hit singles in, "Country Grammar", "Ride With Me" and "Batter Up". VH1 has recognized it as one of its Ultimate Albums and is widely regarded as one of the best debut albums in the last decade while also being one of the only albums to reach diamond selling status (albums that sell over 10 million copies worldwide). 

Nelly's sophomore effort, "Nellyville would be far from the typical, "Sophomore Slump" and would instead debut at #1 on Billboards Top 200 Albums due to the hit singles, "Hot In Herre", "Dilemma""Work It", "Air Force Ones", "Pimp Juice" and "#1". The album would go on to be certified six times platinum and would be Nelly's second consecutive platinum selling album. Nelly would also contribute the successful single, "Shake Ya Tailfeather" as a theme song for the blockbuster sequel, "Bad Boyz II"

Since 2002, Nelly has released 5 more studio albums and has accumulated over 21 million cumulative album sales which makes him the fourth highest selling rap artist in the country. Nelly also is a philanthropic artist as he owns the 4Sho4Kids and the Jes Us 4 Kids Foundation which attempts to educate African-Americans about the need for bone marrow transplants and to do research on how to cure the deadly disease known as leukemia. 

We encourage you to check out some of his best hits below and to be sure to join the #savenelly campaign by steaming his music here to help the legendary MC pay off his IRS debt. 

Nelly - Country Grammar

Nelly - E.I.

Nelly - Dilemma

Nelly - Hot In Hurr

Nelly - Grillz

Nelly - Ride Wit Me