One of the first artists signed to the Dreamville record label, started by the Fayetteville bred MC, "J.Cole" is the Chi-Town double threat, "Omen". Omen was born, "Damon Coleman" and raised in Hyde Park in the Southside of Chicago and did not always have dreams of being a rapper. Omen's first love was basketball and thus he had dreams of going to the NBA before he ever considered music as a full time passion. Although music had always been a hobby, it would not be until he graduated Kenwood Academy and attended his alma mater, the University of Illinois, that he would realize his hoop dreams would not come to fruition. Omen would use his passion for songwriting and his skills in playing the piano once he graduated from college to land sporadic show opportunities to showcase his musical talents. Unfortunately, he realized his music was not taking off in his hometown and that he needed some new inspiration and opportunities. Omen would accept the invite from his longtime friend, J.Cole, to move to New York. Omen initially met J.Cole on a battle rap website dedicated to the MC, "Canibus". Once Omen moved to New York in 2009, (which is also around the same time J.Cole signed his record deal with Roc Nation) his brand would truly grow as he appeared on J.Cole's second and third classic mixtapes, "The Warm Up" & "Friday Night Lights". Although he would receive a good amount of acclaim for his verse on, "The Badness", Omen would generate the most buzz from his memorable verse on the classic song, "Enchanted". As Omen continued to work with J.Cole, Omen would be invited on his first tour with J.Cole and appropriately so his career has risen to heights the, now 33 year old, MC has dreamed of since leaving his hometown. 

In 2010, Omen dropped his debut mixtape, "The Delayed", and in 2011 he would release his critically acclaimed mixtape, "Afraid of Heights" that generated plenty of healthy buzz for Dreamville's first signee. This project would display the skills of an evolved and more introspective MC, and also bolstered features from such as the Compton bred MC, "Kendrick Lamar" on the track, "Look Of Lust". The standout track, "Mama Told Me" with J.Cole illustrates some of the best verses from both MC's respectively. Omen's biggest influences are BiggieEminem, "Common" and his favorite MC, "Nas". In 2012, Omen released an EP dedicated to one his favorite artists, the legendary producer J.Dilla, named, "A Glorious Cool". Since 2012, Omen worked diligently to release his debut album, "Elephant Eyes" that he finally released on July 21st, 2015 under Dreamville. In an interview, Omen details that his debut album is about him illustrating some of his memories from his past through storytelling on the microphone so that his audience will be able to identify with who Omen truly is. The album since has received critical acclaim from the internet and the Hip-Hop community respectively as Omen showcases his progression as an artist with his lyricism and storytelling simultaneously. Some of the standout tracks on his debut include but are not limited to the tracks named, "Motion Picture", "Things Change" & "Sketches of Paranoia".

Since his incredibly successful debut album, Omen has appeared on tracks with his new Dreamville members, "Cozz" & "Bas" on Dreamville's own mixtapes, "Revenge of the Dreamers 1 & 2" on songs such as, "Bitches""Caged Bird""48 Laws" & "Henny Flow". Omen also earned a spot on J.Cole's"Forest Hills Drive Tour" in early 2015 and also had his first solo tour at the end of 2015 for his album, "Elephant Eyes" that hit 4 cities in the United States. We encourage you to purchase Omen's new album, "Elephant Eyes" and to check out some of his music below!


J. Cole & Omen - Enchanted

Omen & CJ Hamilton - LoveDrug

I’m just a jazz musician trapped in rap form
— Direct quote from Omen from his verse in the song "Caged Bird"

Omen - Mama Told Me (Ft. J. Cole)

Omen - Motion Picture

Omen - Caged Bird