Pete Rock

The man named Peter Phillips, better known as Peter Rock, was born in the Bronx, New York and raised in Mount Vernon after his parents moved there when he turned seven. Pete Rock was forever destined to change the depths of hip-hop music through his production when he participated in legendary acts that included aiding the great Marley Marl during a radio station session. After being brought into the game by his beloved cousin Heavy D he went on to join forces with an MC who loved music just as much as him; his childhood friend CL SmoothThe funky and soulful beats of Pete Rock combined with the smooth and philosophical flow of CL Smooth produced a critically acclaimed EP in 1991 called "All Souled Out". They followed with two more timeless projects, 1992's "Mecca & the Soul Brother" and 1994's "The Main Ingredient". After 1994 they broke up due to certain unfortunate disputes between each other. 

Peter Rock went on to work with multiple legendary artists across all genres such as DJ Premier, and won a grammy for his collaboration with Kanye West on "Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". Outside of Hip Hop, he even worked with Mary J. Blige & Madonna. Pete Rock still tours all over the world with his DJ sets and therefore has proven he has the ability to have his music be transcendent across genres, geography placement and numerous cultural traditions.

Pete Rock's latest work is his instrumental album "PeteStrumentals 2" which was released in 2015. Please bless your ears and check out this staple Hip-Hop producer's work below along with a dope interview in which Pete Rock details how to effectively sample a record. 

Pete Rock's Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics album

PeteStrumentals 2 Album

I think just being creative and watching the music develop, blossom and grow kind of sets you at a certain standard where you can’t go below it. When another musician gives you his music, that’s the measurement stick that you live by and you want to have at least at that level of creativity if you’re interested in creating music.
— CL Smooth on how much he admires Pete Rock's craft of making music

They Reminisce Over You Music Video

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Lots of Lovin Music Video