Post Malone

Those who do not pay attention to the current dynamic landscape of music would not understand how extremely responsible the Internet (more importantly social media) can be and has ultimately become to certain artists ascension through the beautifully complex ranks of Hip-Hop's competitive arena. Consequently, this has made the rapid rise to fame for the Upstate New York native, "Austin Post" seem almost too good to be true for the disbelievers who feel, "Post Malone" to be nothing but an, "Industry Plant"  . Suggesting Malone's success was secretly manufactured by the financial support of a music label to give the illusion that Malone's recent ascension was not organic when in fact that's exactly the story for the twenty-one year old artist who has openly admitted to free-loading off his friends for a short stint in Los Angeles in order to cultivate his breakout song in, "White Iverson"

Post Malone's early draw to music originates from the process of his Father introducing Malone to all types of music from ,"Megadeth" and "Metallica" to "NWA" and "Ice-T". Additionally, his addiction to becoming the best Guitar Hero player he could be would encourage him to get his first guitar and from there would use the free recording software, "Audacity" to record one of his first mixtapes in High School. After releasing his breakout song, "White Iverson" (which bolsters production contributions from, "FKi Music") at the top of 2015, Malone would release the music video for the song which has accumulated over 200 million views on Youtube since its release. This would generate an enormous amount of healthy buzz for Malone which would translate into signing with Republic Records at the end of 2015 prior to releasing other popular songs from Malone on his Soundcloud that include, "Too Young" and "What's Up".  

Since the release of his first full-length project, "August 26th" on May 12, 2016, Malone has followed it up with his first debut album in, "Stoney" on December 9th, 2016. Although it is hard to argue that Malone has any tracks on his most recent album that will ever touch the success of "White Iverson", Stoney still bolsters many popular tracks to add to Malone's resume such as, "Too Young" and "Go Flex"There has been many rumors floating around lately that suggest Malone might be taking a step back from the Hip-Hop realm to focus more on cultivating a country music sound.

Be sure to be on the lookout for more music from Post Malone going into the first musical quarter of 2017!

I just love music. I grew up appreciating music. And appreciating people that love music and make music
— Direct Quote from Post Malone from Ebro In The Morning Interview

Post Malone - Go Flex

I’m an American badass. At 40 years old, I’m gonna be a country singer. That’s down the line.
— Direct Quote from Post Malone from The Fader Interview

Post Malone - Big Lie

Right now, I haven’t fully created the sound that I want to. I haven’t had the opportunity to incorporate guitar into a song yet. Whenever all of that comes into play, that will make my sound unique and different. It’s going to be a cool experiment, to see how people gravitate to it. But I’m always going to make music that I like. I’m always going to love folk and rock, so I’m always going to bring that kind of flavor.
— Direct Quote from Post Malone from Interview

Post Malone - "Too Young"