Reginald Noble who is better known as "Redman", is one of the best MC's to ever do it hailing from New Jersey. Although Redman never reached mainstream superstardom, he has been consistently recognized as one of the best lyricists in the rap game since he debuted with EPMD on their song "Hardcore" (1990). As a youth he was heavily into DJing and rapping because of influences such as the great Biz Markie and eventually would develop a strong passion for being an MC. After he signed to Def Jam Records in 1990, he would be primed for his debut album release two years later with critically claimed "Whut? Thee Album" (1992). Redman's debut album would be received very well by critics and would end up being a gold plaque certified album by selling over 500,000 copies. As time elapsed, it would be claimed as a classic Hip-Hop album by many for Redman's raw, silly and yet fluid vocal delivery style combined with the Erick Sermon's jazz and funk influenced production. 

Redman openly admitted in this Vibe magazine interview that he was experimenting with drugs while making his second psychedelic yet funky album "Dare Iz A Darkside" (1994). Nonetheless, he still asserts that him and revered producer/rapper Erick Sermon from EPMD developed great chemistry between one another while recording this project. The funky but dark theme from this album was something Redman did not see many people attaching themselves to commercially at first as he asserts in the same Vibe interview that he was going through dark times. Ultimately, it still would end up being certified a gold selling album and be universally recognized as some of Redman's best work. The next two solo projects Redman released in the 1990's: "Muddy Waters (1996) & Doc's Da Name (1999)", both went on to be gold certified and sell over 500,000 copies respectively. The breakout collaboration with Wu Tang member Method Man on "Blackout!" solidified a lifelong partnership and beautiful chemistry with each other respectively. This included smash hits "Da Rockwilder"  & "The ?". Ever since him & Method Man met each other at Kriss Kross' album release party in the early 1990's, they have been on a mission to be one of the best Hip-Hop duo's ever. After releasing two more solo albums "Malpractice" (2001) and "Red Gone Wild" (2007)he would team up with Method Man again to release their second successful collaboration album "Blackout 2!" (2009) that housed the hit single "AYO!". Redman's 7th solo album "Reggie" was released in 2010 and we all are still awaiting the coveted "Blackout 3!" effort with Method Man.

Besides the music, Redman has confirmed in this interview that the sequel for "How High", the stoner classic film, is still in the works with Method Man. For now, check out some samples from New Jersey's finest below and also check out this video in which he discusses how he helped pioneer the pro-weed movement in Hip-Hop!

Music Video for "Blow Your Mind" From Redman's 1992 Album: "Whut Thee Album"

Redman- Bobyahed2dis from "Dare Iz A Darkside" 

I’m just glad that I’m still in the circle of being spoken about as far as nice emcees. I’m still spoken about in a circle of nice emcees, and that’s enough for me. You know what really gets me rocked off? When a mothafucka come up to and be like Yo, you’re the reason why I do what I do. And that’s enough for me. Greatest of All Time? I don’t need it. But I appreciate that shit though.
— Direct quote from Redman on how he feels on being discussed as being one of the greatest MC's of all time

Redman- Winicumhround

Music video by RedmanMethod Man performing Da Rockwilder.

When we heard his voice, and we heard that verse and them bars… EPMD had already made their bones, but who is this nigga? Same shit with K-Solo. It was like EPMD, dope. That’s dope. But who is this nigga? When Doc came out at the Fat Jam, the nigga came out to “Protect Ya Neck.”.... Staten Island fell in love with the nigga even more when this man knocked out the soundman in the middle of the set. Fuck that. And the crowd wasn’t giving him the love he was supposed to get that mothafuckin’ night. And he got it after that...after that shit happened. Yeah, they was on his side, and it was a good look.
— Direct quote from Method Man talking about Redman during a HipHopDX interview with Redman

Redman & Method Man- How High Music Videos from "How High Soundatrack"