Rick Rubin

Three generations of iconic and popular music can be attributed to the now 52 year old iconic record producer, "Rick Rubin" who was also the Co-Founder of Def Jam Records and former co-president of Columbia Records.

In this short documentary, Rick details that early Hip-Hop and its culture always intrigued him and influenced him to cultivate his own rendition of it by producing high quality and impactful Hip-Hop records. During the waning years of his academic stint at New York University, Rick learned how to professionally make his own records through the relationships he made with a local record shop in the area called, "99 Records". The Def Jam logo was designed with the two words juxtaposed to each other with the letters, "D" and "J" being the largest so aesthetically symbolize that the DJ's position in Hip-Hop was equally as important as the MC's.

Rick would make an invaluable conneciton when he befriended his favorite DJ in, "DJ Jazzy Jay"  who would help develop his production skills and agree to make a record with Rick and T La Rock. Def Jam's first official record, "It's Yours" that was produced by Rick and Jazzy Jay released on January 28th, 1984 out of Rick's dorm of NYC. This record would allow Rick to meet his future partner of Def Jam Records in Russell Simmons. Russell Simmons was already managing plenty of talented Hip-Hop artists at the time such as Run-DMC and was immediately blow away by Rick's beats that he presented to Russell and instantly became partners to take Def Jam to the next level. It wasn't long before Rick Rubin gave the Hip-Hop world two of LL Cool J's hit songs, "I Need A Beat" and "I Can't Live Without My Radio" that would instantly catapult LL's career into the stratosphere. From there Def Jam would continue to soar and sign many of Hip-Hop's most respected names today that include, "Kanye West", "Public Enemy" and "The Beastie Boys"

Rick's production discography would only grow once Def Jam was turned into American Recordings. For the next three decades he would produce albums and tracks for some of music's most successful and impactful artists across all genres in, "Jay-Z", "Red Hot Chili Peppers", "System of a Down", "Metallica", "Eminem" and "Adele". Throughout Rick's illustrious and iconic career, he has amassed eight Grammy Awards and two Country Music Association awards respectively. 

We encourage you to check out Rick's incredible production discography here and some of the most insightful interviews below on him reflecting on his career and rare studio footage! 

Rick Rubin & The Beginings of Def Jam

Jay-Z & Rick Rubin recording "99 Problems"

Rick Rubin & Russell Simmons on Early Makings of Def Jam Records.