The development and evolution of Hip-Hop's beautifully complex musical and cultural landscape was largely primed by the invaluable accomplishments of the Queens native group, "Run DMC". Although, Run DMC's predecessors (such as Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash were among the first to make strides within Hip-Hop's arena, none of the above would ever be the first to achieve more things in Hip-Hop than anyone else while simultaneously introducing a second generation of Hip-Hop artists and culture as Run DMC has subsequently done.

Run DMC was the first group to be nominated for a Grammy Music Award for their song, "Raising Hell" and also the first group to have a platinum selling album on their resume with their second studio album, "King of Rock"Run DMC is also the first group to notch a multi-platinium selling album on their discography with the project, "Raising Helland also the first group to have one of their videos on MTV. The most significant and arguably most important aspect about Run DMC's legacy is their invaluable contribution of introducing a new wave of Hip-Hop sonically by replacing the all the live instrumentation usually found in earlier rap songs with drum machine sounds and hard rock guitars loops. This would give their sound a more tangible, concrete and aggressive signature trait that paired perfectly with their confrontational and collaborative pure raw rap style as heard on their legendary battle rap track, "Sucker MC's"

The three members of Run DMC all hailed from the New York borough Hollis-Queens with the two MC's Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons and Daniel "DMC" McDaniels that were ultimately unified by the first one man band and DJ in the late great Jason, "Jam Master Jay" Mizell. In this interview with Rev Run, he articulates how significant and important their DJ and producer Jam Master Jay was to the cohesiveness and unity within the group. Jam Master Jay ushered in Run DMC's classic clothing choice in which consisted of the crew always sporting all black sweatsuits paired with the black hats and gold chains rocking the signature shell-toe Adidas. Run DMC's signature tangible clothing style paired with their rock based musical sonic landscape would instantly the group touch the souls of America's most popular consumer group of people via the young white male rock fans. This was most apparent in their critically acclaimed cover of the classic hard rock track by Aerosmith in, "Walk This Way" that would turn out to be one of the most popular songs of the 1980's respectively. 

Over the span of being one of the most influential and impactful Hip-Hop groups of all time for over 20 years, Run DMC has accumulated over 230 million records sold worldwide through seven stellar albums such as, "Run-D.M.C.", "King of Rock", "Raising Hell""Tougher Than Leather", "Back From Hell", "Down With The King" and "Crown Royal". Even though Jam Master Jay passed away in 2002 which cause the group to disband and discontinue their eighth studio album, Run DMC still has permanently cemented themselves on top of Hip-Hop's Mount Rushmore for their limitless influence and inspiration to birth more legendary Hip-Hop artists such as LL Cool J, Rakim and 50 Cent

We encourage you to check out their classic discography here and some of their best music below!  

Run-DMC - It's Tricky

Jam Master Jay was known as the FIRST one man band as a DJ
— Direct Quote from DMC from a FACTMAGAZINE Interview

Run-DMC - Walk This Way

No one will ever be able to do what y’all [Run DMC] did for Hip-Hop ever again!
— Direct Quote from Eminem on Run DMC

Run DMC - Peter Piper

Run DMC - Sucker MC's

Run-DMC - Run's House