Every professional musician's first official album is their first impression to the world and the project's success (or lack thereof) is often a very significant indication of the projection of an artist's musical career. The first debut 1984 album named, "Diamond Life" of the Nigerian-born English artist, "Sade" would become an instant selling phenomenon as the album would become the best-selling debut of a British female vocalist with albums sales totaling over six million copies. Helen Folasade Adu who is simply known as, "Sade Adu" would achieve worldwide fame with her bandmates Paul S. Denman, Andrew Hale and Stuart Matthewman

Growing up, Sade wasn't passionate about music due to her mother not being very interested in it. Her whole life would change when she started listening to pirated radio stations around the age of thirteen that would play all types of music that included Folk, Rock, Soul and everything in between. From there, Sade would begin to develop a passion for music and would start collecting albums. By the age of fourteen she started listening to Jazz music that included the great work of artists such as, "Billie Holiday" and "Miles Davis (Kind of Blue & Sketches of Spain)".

After overcoming her stage fright early in her development as a vocalist and artist with a band she no longer plays with, she would learn invaluable lessons that would drive her to eventually sing backup with the British band, "Pride". Shortly after completing her course work for her focus in fashion design, she would form the band known as, "Sade" with Pride's saxophonist and guitarist, "Stuart Matthewman", paired with their rhythm section, "Andrew Hale" and "Paul S. Denman"

Sade's live performances of the iconic hit song, "Smooth Operator" would land the band a record deal with Epic Records who became the perfect platform for Sade and her highly talented band members to release multiple multi-platinum albums. Sade's debut would be carried by the album's two leading singles "Smooth Operator" and "Your Love Is King" and would help the album become one of the best-selling albums to ever be released in the 1980's. From there, Sade's success would continue to rise to astronomical levels as the next five albums ("Promise, Stronger Than Pride, Love Deluxe, Lovers Rock and Solider of Love") she would release over the next twenty years would accumulate albums sales that totaled over 50 million units sold worldwide. Sade would also receive 5 Grammy Awards over the years along with multiple nominations for AMA's, BET Awards and Billboard Awards respectively. 

We encourage you to check out some of Sade's best work here and some of her best music videos below! 

Sade - Smooth Operator

Sade - Your Love Is King

Sade - Lover's Rock

Sade - No Ordinary Love

Sade - The Sweetest Taboo

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