Schoolboy Q

The Top Dawg Entertainment conglomerate powerhouse have ushered in a wave of new and supremely talented MC's that include Hip-Hop's, "All-American" Quincy Hanley who is better known to his supporters as, "Schoolboy Q". Although Q was born in Germany due to having parents in the military, his family would eventually settle down in Los Angeles once he turned four years old. From there Q would be subjected to the surreal experiences any young African American man would experience growing up in LA, which include sports, gang-banging, violence and drug dealing. 

It would not be until 2007 when Schoolboy Q made the necessary change in his life to pursue his passion for music by releasing his first project, "Schoolboy Turned Hustla"The title is an ode to his moniker that originates from his history of being an excellent student in school and also being heavily active with his gang-banging career. Q's biggest musical influences in 50 Cent, Notorious B.I.G. and Nas are vividly apparent even in his earliest work through his raw but genuine content and innate ability to paint pictures through his verses.

Q's first project was far from his best work but still showcased his talent to lend the attention of the the rising Top Dawg Entertainment imprint. Although Q's second project, "Gangsta & Soul" showed signs of promise, it would still not be until Q released his third project, "Setbacks" that he would begin to generate some instant favorites and buzz from songs such as, "#BetIGotSomeWeed", "I'm Good", and "Birdz & The Beez"

Q's next project, "Habits & Contradictions" would be another untold chapter in his life and would be the project that truly showcased Q's abilities as an MC and storyteller alike with songs such as, "Blessed", "Druggy With Hoes Again", "Hands on the Wheel" and the "Alchemist" produced joint, "My Homie". The incredible buzz and following Q generated from this project allowed him to tour the world and also primed him to drop two more high-quality albums in, "Oxymoron" and "Blank Face LP"We encourage you to check out one of his latest interviews here in which Schoolboy Q details the personal trials and tribulations leading up to his highly anticipated Blank Face LP. 

Schoolboy Q - Blessed (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

I learned what to do, and how to get into trouble. A lot of the stuff I did, I regret. Shit I hate talking about now because I’m over it. Stuff I regret. But it all made me who I am.
— Direct Quote by Schoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q - THat Part (Feat. Kanye West)

I just feel like I need to give people me, I can’t be out here faking. I’m a happy energetic dude but I want people to know me, my ups and downs. Some songs I talk about clothes, bitches and weed, but other ones I hit you with the real.
— Direct Quote by Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q - Hands On The Wheel (Feat. A$AP Rocky) 

Schoolboy Q - WHat THey Want

ScHoolboy Q - Tookie Knows II

ScHoolboy Q - Studio (Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)

Everything I put on paper is a true story. Some of it may have a little something added or taken out because I can’t put the real out there all the way. But it’s always true.
— Direct Quote by Schoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q - By Any Means