Slick Rick

Arguably the greatest storyteller to ever step to a microphone was the London born and Bronx raised Ricky Martin "Slick Rick" Lloyd Walters who was born on January 14th, 1965. Slick Rick also went by "Ricky D" & "Slick Rick The Ruler". MC Ricky D was easily ahead of his time because of his unparalleled ability to illustrate a story with his smooth english accent and fluid rap style.

Hitting the local rap scene of New York by rapping at schools, park cyphers & open mics was when he caught the ear of Harlem based rapper/beatboxer Doug E. Fresh. Doug easily noticed Ricky's undeniable skill and immediately placed him in his Get Fresh crew. The summer of 1985, when the duo dropped the legendary track "La Di Da Di", the rap world would be blessed with the amazing beatboxing display of Doug E. & Rick's premier rap style. This track became one of the most famous songs in Hip Hop. Slick Rick would go on to blaze his own path as a solo act in 1987 when he signed to Def Jam via the great Russell Simmons. Slick Rick would use this platform to establish himself as one of Hip-Hop's greatest ever when he dropped his debut platinum selling album "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick". Ricky's music was so legendary and influential that his music has been sampled on over 500 records. His debut album was surely his best work, as his following four albums never brought him the success that his first project did. The only project that could compare is his fourth album released under Def Jam called "The Art of Storytelling" which featured marquee artists such as, "Nas, Outkast, Raekwon, Doug E. Fresh & Snoop Dogg". It still is considered as one of the most important contributions to Hip-Hop through the acclaimed features and Rick's unmatched ability to paint a vividly dope picture with his rhymes. 

The tribulations of Slick Rick's career such as serving a prison sentence for shooting his cousin and for always living in fear of being deported by the government for his residency in the United States are things his peers always supported him through. What Slick Rick will always be remembered for as well, is his sharp but flash sense of style that always came off as "Pimpish" with his English-inspired attire paired with his gold jewelry. 

To this day, Slick Rick The Ruler is still thriving in his home in the Bronx and is still giving back to the Hip-Hop community! Check out this article that details his thoughts on his life as a Hip-Hop pioneer after turning 50 years of age. Be sure to peep the timeless music from this living legend below!

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh- La Di Da Di

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh- The Show

When I thought I heard it all, there was this gentleman that had a sound and a style unlike anything I ever, ever heard before. There are MC’s who just rant and talk on the record. Then there are only a handful of artists that can lyricize and paint a picture of what they’re talking about.
— Direct quote from Grandmaster Flash on how Slick Rick is a storyteller of the highest order on the microphone

Slick Rick - Children's Story

Slick Rick & Outkast- Street Talkin'

We started together, we both did our own things but we came together. I feel like what we created for rap and for a lot of brothas and sistas out here, is another way for them to express themselves and make money to feed their families.
— Direct quote from Doug E. Fresh about his & Slick Ricks relationship

Slick Rick- Mona Lisa