There are few independent artists from the underground Hip-Hop scene who can stand the test of time and stay relevant in the rap game by dropping consistently high-quality music for over two decades. Luckily for fans of truly honest music, half of the legendary Hip-Hop duo, "Atmosphere" is the Minnesota native MC, "Slug" who has done just that with his aggressive and sharp rhyming style paired with his unparalled ability to illuminate honesty through his music. "Sean Micheal Daley" who is better known as, "Slug" was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 7th, 1972 and began his passion for music at age 11 when he started to collect vinyls of his favorite music. In this interview, Slug reveals that one of the original members of atmosphere, "Spawn" had to convince him to let the rapper inside of him come out and showcase his skills as MC and ultimately put down his previous love of being a DJ.  Slug's stage name came from the his father's nickname, "Sluggo", eventually coinning his name from that moniker. Once the group had made a strong connection with the DJ and Producer, "Ant" they would begin to start cultivating a new and revolutionary type of honest and emotional music that would change and pave a new path for MC's in Hip-Hop forever. 

After the release of Atmosphere's debut album, "Overcast", they would become one of the first Hip-Hop groups to usher in a revolutionary type of Hip-Hop with the legendary album, "God Loves Ugly" (2002). This album is hailed by many in the underground Hip Hop world as a classic album because of the minimalistic yet inventive production from Ant paired with Slug's blisteringly sharp, vividly introspective and painfully emotional storytelling ability. Slug masterfully paints stories of the toughest times of his life that include heartbreaks of his past relationships with the women he fell in love with whilst dealing with his excessive drinking habits. By the virtue of his genuine passion to express himself combined with his determination to market the group, Slug would progressively build an invaluable foundation that would allow Slug and the group alike to achieve longevity. Over the next decade, Slug and Ant would help cement Atmosphere's place in Hip-Hop forever as they would continue to release high quality and inventive music that would birth a cult-like following with fans that directly related to the experiences and content conceal within their music over the next seven studio albums. Slug has also built an impressive catalog that include 12 EP's with Atmosphere as well as three volumes of dope music with the Los Angeles born MC, "Murs" forming the group, "Felt". As half of Felt they would release three dope projects all centered around women, "Christina Ricci", "Lisa Bonet" and "Rosie Perez"

Atmosphere's newest album, "Southsider's" boasts a different signature sound through Ant's production that blends perfectly with the matured and developed person and artist in Slug who is living a comfortable life now, and is hell bent on keeping his music genuinely Hip-Hop while promoting the best of Hip-Hop artists through his own festival called, "Soundset" with his independent Hip-Hop label called, "Rhymesayers Entertainment". Please be sure to check out Slug's music below and his impressive discography with Atmosphere!

Atmosphere - The Bass and the Movement

Atmosphere - Flesh

Atmosphere- God loves ulgy